cannot legally transportFind out what you can and cannot legally transport when you move.

As you prepare for your Austin residential move or Austin commercial move, there are some things you should be prepared to move yourself or leave behind. Some things cannot legally transport.

Moving companies are not legally permitted to transport any hazardous materials!

This includes items that are flammable, corrosive or combustible. What does this mean for you? If you have a gas barbecue grill you will need to disconnect the tank and take it with you or the grill stays where it is. Your lawnmower and other power lawn tools must be emptied of fuel or they do not go on the truck.

You should also be sure to disconnect gas hookups for grills, dryers, water heaters and anything else that you plan to have your movers take; moving companies cannot handle gas connections. Your mover cannot legally transport such items in certain conditions.

Other non-allowable items include:

  • Sterno
  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Household Batteries
  • Matches
  • Aerosols
  • Chemistry Sets
  • Kerosene
  • Cleaning Solvents
  • Darkroom Chemicals
  • Gasoline, Ammonia
  • Pool Chemicals
  • Propane/Propane Tanks
  • Nail Polish, Nail Polish Remover
  • Motor Oil, Fireworks
  • Car Batteries, Charcoal
  • Charcoal Lighter
  • Liquid Bleach
  • Fertilizer
  • Paints (latex & oil-based)
  • Paint Thinner
  • Pesticides
  • Firearms
  • Ammunition
  • Poisons (such as weed killer)
  • Lamp Oils
  • Fuels.

Customers must make other arrangements to transport these items.

**If you ship any of these goods without our knowledge, you immediately void any and all liability by our company for any and all loss or damages, and you will be held responsible for any damages, fines, warehousing costs, and delays incurred by our company resulting from the transport of these materials.

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What you should take care of on the day of your move…

On the day of your move, your Aday of your movestin movers do not expect to pack any loose items, including garage tools, dishes and other kitchen items, clothing, books, knick knacks, etc. This is not to say they won’t! We are here to help and if you need a little assistance with some last minute packing your Austin movers can certainly take care of whatever you need. However, this may add to the time your move will take and could go over your estimate since this added service was not part of the original moving estimate.

If you need additional packing materials there is always some extra on the truck – just ask for a price list or tell the crew foreman what you need. If you have any questions or concerns the day of your move ask your crew foreman or call the office. Our friendly staff will make sure your move goes as quickly and smoothly as possible!

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your austin moversYour Austin movers are here to help!

On the day of your move your Austin movers from Elephant Moving crew expects to disassemble larger furniture and disconnect washers/dryers. When we move your furniture, everything will be wrapped in heavy duty moving blankets secured with tape. Televisions, stereo components, VCRs, DVD players, printers and other electronics that have not already been packed by you can go into large bins padded with heavy duty moving blankets at no extra charge.

Pictures, paintings, mirrors and glass table tops, shelves and doors will also be placed into bins and padded. Lamps and potted plants are dealt with in a similar fashion.

If you have rented wardrobe boxes, your movers will place hanging clothes into the boxes at your origin and hang them in closets at your destination. Everything will be unwrapped, reassembled and reconnected at your destination.

Furniture and boxes will be placed wherever you direct your crew to place them. If it’s not in the right spot, tell your crew! Your Austin movers will shift anything around according to your instructions. After all, you are paying for our services. Why should you need to move everything around once your movers have gone?

Leave the heavy lifting to us.

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hints for a smooth moveThere are some things that you can do to ensure everything goes well with our hints for a smooth move.

When your friendly Austin movers arrive at your home or office, we’ve got a few hints for a smooth move.  They expect to find everything ready to go. Unless you have arranged for packing services as well, your Austin movers are not planning on packing anything.

Chances are your Austin moving estimate did not account for packing if you did not request it. If your movers need to spend time packing, your move will end up costing more, both in time and packing materials.

Dresser drawers, nightstands, china cabinets, desk drawers, file cabinets, etc should all be emptied and the contents packed in boxes or bags before the day of your move. These items cannot be moved while full – they are heavy, hard to maneuver, and tend to shift unexpectedly while in transit. If the furniture is made of pressed wood it is definitely not designed to withstand the stress of being moved while full. It may seem like a way to save money, but in the end, it will cost you more.

Most Austin movers will not move furniture that has not been emptied of its contents. If you do get your mover to agree to it, you’ll have to sign a release saying the moving company is not liable for damages. Save yourself time, money and aggravation by packing appropriately before your move.

your moving estimate Everything To Do With Your Moving Estimate…

Be sure to give your estimator as much information as you can in order to keep your cost as close to your estimate as possible.

Keep in mind that the estimator assumes, in every situation, the following:

  • You will not need additional supplies/packing materials to be provided by the mover.
  • You will have packed everything yourself that you had anticipated.
  • The scope of the work does not change markedly on the day of the move. In other words, you didn’t forget to tell the estimator about important (and heavy) stuff, such as:
  • The lawnmower your neighbor borrowed from you.
  • The unknown contents of your filled storage space.
  • The “priceless” junk in the basement you found under the tarp-the stuff that your wife was hoping would be left behind “by accident.”
  • Traffic from your old home to your new will not be worse than usual.

moving estimateA tentative final bill for Elephant Moving’s services comes from the moving estimate using a simple formula…

Your moving estimate: (Number of movers + truck) x number of hours = final price

Estimating moves is an inexact science…

Many variables factor into how long a move will take. The professional moving estimators at Elephant Moving use their experience from doing similar moves in order to figure out how many hours your move will require. Their estimates factor in the number and type of items you have, stairs and walking distances, travel time and whether you are leaving town.

Each moving estimate will include the amount of time that will pass from the moment the movers first arrive at your location and your move begins until the movers are finished. They will then add in the cost of packing services, moving boxes, tape and other packing materials.

Elephant Moving’s easy to understand hourly rates include the crew of movers, one moving truck, disassembly/reassembly, wrapping of furniture in heavy duty moving blankets, travel time and all taxes.

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