easy moveMoving is simple. All you need are a couple of big, strong guys and a truck, right?

In reality, moving can be complicated. It demands planning, coordination, the right tools, equipment, supplies, facilities, and most importantly, teamwork. Take, for example, this moving project that we handled recently for a major department store and its interior design firm:

The store wanted to showcase a new collection of home furniture and accessories – about 300 items, both large and small. Rather than simply invite consumers, designers, and other prospective customers to visit a store display, the design firm hired by the store recommended outfitting a real home with hundreds of furnishings and accessories, rotating them over a one-week time span. The store said, “Fine. Make it happen.”

Enter Austin’s Elephant Moving & Storage.

The project required careful planning and coordination. We have the capability to receive shipments via freight and household goods carrier. Our office can coordinate receiving and inspection of large multi-part shipments and store them for as long as needed in our secure warehouse facility.

For this project, our Elephant Moving team was required to:

  1.  inventory, pack up small items in our reusable packing crates, disassemble, blanket wrap, move and store existing furnishings and accessories from the showcase house
  2.  inventory, move, and unpack all the new furnishings and accessories from our storage warehouse to the showcase house
  3. inventory, pack, and move new furniture and accessories several times as new items went on display
  4. move all the original furniture and accessories out of our storage and back to the showcase house, unpack and reassemble all the items
  5. pack up the store’s furniture and accessories and ship out from our warehouse back to their locations.

Altogether, the project required six trips for pick-ups and deliveries (about one a day for a full week), plus packing, unpacking, moving and warehousing, debris removal and disposal – a total of more than 100 worker hours, plus moving crate rentals.

And it all went smoothly, thanks to careful planning, coordination, Elephant’s facilities and capabilities, and teamwork. Everyone was pleased, and we’re already working on the design firm’s next big project.

Moving isn’t simple, but choosing the right commercial moving team can ensure it goes as smoothly as possible. This project showcases all of our services rolled into one job for a single customer, but not every move is as complicated. Elephant Moving & Storage can provide any of these services separately to our customers, as needed.

Whether you need to: receive one item or rent several pallets; store a few pieces or your entire home; just moving, and/or full packing services, Elephant Moving & Storage is well equipped to service all your moving and storage needs on any scale. #texasmovers, #austinmovers, #elephantmoving

packing cratesGet Packing Crates!

We are very happy to announce that our packing crate rental program has reached 10,000 rentals of our earth friendly packing crates!

10,000 packing crates are equal to almost 20,000 standard moving industry book boxes that would have been thrown into the garbage upon completion of moves. 20,000 cardboard boxes equals nearly 36,000 pounds of waste – that’s 36,000 pounds less waste that went to Austin area landfills last year thanks to all of our customers who chose the reusable packing crates to pack and move their homes.

Easiest Way To Pack Your Home

Our super durable packing crates are the easiest way to pack your home – no need to spend time building boxes and getting tangled in tape! They are:

  • Waterproof
  • Crush-proof
  • Incredibly sturdy – no need for excessive use of packing paper and bubble wrap to ensure items are protected (and reducing the amount of padding materials needed cuts down even more on the waste produced by packing and moving).
  • Stackable and easy to move

When  you are done unpacking we pick ’em up and get ’em out of your way! Elephant Moving and Storage offers free crate delivery and pickup in the Austin metro area.

In order to help keep Austin free of waste and to encourage our customers to pack their homes using our green alternative to traditional boxes, Elephant Moving and Storage is offering FREE CRATE RENTAL with every move in the Austin and surrounding area until the end of February!

Click here to learn more about our plastic crate rental program!

Click here to get an estimate for your upcoming local or interstate move!

commercial moveDon’t lose business with a commercial move

Is your company moving soon? Actively looking for a new location? Growing out of your current office and just thinking about relocating? We are here to help you with your commercial move.

One of the most important decisions you will make regarding your move is what relocation company will assist you with the transition. At Elephant Moving & Storage we understand how critical this time is for a business. Our commercial moving specialists can assist every step of the way, from planning to execution, to ensure that your company€™s move is carried out with professionalism and a minimum of disruption to your business.

Your Not Alone

On every commercial move, we provide a knowledgeable and experienced move consultant. Your consultant will help design a comprehensive move plan, including mapping out the layout for your new location so the movers know where to place items and a color-coded labeling system to ensure items make it to the right floor, section or office. The more efficient we can make your move, the faster you can get back to business as usual!

What sets Elephant Moving apart? Our crews are all well-trained employees, not subcontractors or day labor. They know how to wrap your furniture and take the utmost care with your move. We send large crews to every commercial move to cut down on fatigue and eliminate carelessness. Nearly every local commercial move can be completed in 1 day, minimizing downtime for your business.

We carry a $2 million general liability policy that meets or exceeds the requirements of every commercial building in Austin and will provide a certificate of insurance to your property management upon request. We provide basic floor/wall/door protection free of charge, and have additional protection options available to meet specific conditions should your building require it. Schedule a free, no-obligation on-site estimate with one of our professional estimators and see how we can make your business’s transition smooth and efficient!

office moveCommercial Office Move – How To Get Ready

When preparing for your Austin office move you should be sure to pack and label everything carefully to ensure all items and boxes end up in the right places (and in one piece!) on move day.


  • Packing is one of the most important steps of your move, so follow this list to ensure that your belongings are secure, safe, and ready to be transported to the new office space by moving day
  • Be sure boxes are packed carefully. Do not fill large boxes with files or books – use smaller boxes for these heavy items. Make sure boxes are filled to avoid the top collapsing when they are stacked – fill empty space with packing paper if necessary.


  • Shut down
  • Remove cables and plugs (coiling neatly together) and place keyboard, mouse, speakers and other peripherals together (your friendly Austin movers can provide ziplock computer bags or boxes for these items).
  • Label your hard drive, printer, monitor, computer bag, and any other computer-related items with moving labels denoting where they are to end up


  • Empty all drawers and cabinets, as they may be up-ended for transport – take all valuables with you
  • Clearly label the destination of each desk (and its parts) for easy moving

Filing/Storage Cabinets:

  • Cabinets must be empty and box all files and clearly label which file cabinet and drawer they came from to avoid confusion

Floor Plan:

  • Draw out office plan, and label each office/zone with an easy code (example A, B, C, D or 1,2,3,4 etc.); color code different floors/zones.
  • Use this floor plan to clearly label each item to be moved, the clearer your moving labels are, the less work you will have to do relocating things that have been misplaced.


  • The moving labels determine where an item is to be placed, so make sure everyone is clear on the codes/colors for their spaces
  • Remember, if an item is disassembled, each part must be labeled
  • Do not forget to label the mundane items like waste-paper baskets, chairs, and carpet protectors

Elephant Moving offers a dedicated commercial move consultant on every job to assist with these steps and ensure that your office relocation goes smoothly. Your move consultant will help you customize a system of labeling, color coding and floor planning that is tailored to your needs so that every item in your office gets placed precisely where it needs to be.

Get your Austin commercial moving estimate now!

commercial movingSimplify Commercial Moving and Get Back To Work Fast

Moving your office can be stressful. So many things to do before the big day! And so many things that can go wrong! Let Elephant Moving help ease you through your office transition with our tips and tricks for a smooth commercial move.

Now that the actual move date is getting closer, you should shift your focus toward physical preparation for the move. This includes:

  • finalizing a design scheme for a new office
  • assigning quarters in new office
  • getting rid of your accumulated junk
  • sending change of address forms to vendors and suppliers
  • updating your website to reflect address change
  • insuring and equipping your new office space
  • arranging Internet and telecommunications service for your new space
  • updating financial records
  • ordering new checks
  • ordering new business cards

1 week prior to move:

If you have followed your checklist, you should have little more to do besides pack. All the same, because you will be tearing up your space, make sure not to schedule any important meetings or hirings during this period.

Remembering to take care of these important tasks prior to your Austin commercial move will help ensure that business is back to normal as quickly as possible after move day.