June and July are the busiest months for moves and relocation. Planning and preparation are essential. Here is a simple Five-Step Plan for making your move as painless as possible:

1. For any move in Autexas moving tipsstin, Houston, San Antonio or Central Texas, of course, contact Elephant Moving and Storage. We have the experience, capability, equipment, facilities, and supplies to handle any residential or commercial move in Texas – all at competitive rates and prices. Contact us by phone, e-mail, or our website for more details and to start the process.

2. About 30 days before the actual move, make a checklist and begin scheduling notifications re utility shut-offs and service transfers; mail service; new address notifications; schools; others. Assemble important documents that will be needed in getting settled, such as school vaccination forms, insurance policies, and other documents.
3. About three weeks from your move date, start taking inventory and decide what must be moved, what can be trashed, and what can be given away/sold/recycled. Set aside or begin trashing all the items that will not be moved.

4. About two weeks from moving day, start packing. Label boxes and color code for rooms and priority. If you hire us to pack, we complete the packing in one day, usually the day before the move, sometimes day of, or it could be a couple of days before, depending on your needs. Make sure to maintain control over your small valuables, medications, small electronic devices, including chargers, and critical papers.
5. The week before moving day, make arrangements, if necessary for child care and/or pet care. Consume or give away frozen foods. Confirm payment arrangements with the movers.

One more important point for interstate moving: Interstate moves can be affected by distance, weather, road/traffic conditions, other customers, and various unforeseen circumstances. When you Elephant Moving and Storage, we will give you a “delivery window,” based on your destination and the first available delivery date you provide. For example, average transit time to Florida is 5-7 days; average transit time to New York City is 7-10 days, etc.

Although we aim to deliver as close as possible to the first available date you provide, we do not guarantee delivery dates unless you have contracted for an exclusive truck. The maximum delivery window to any location is 21 days. DOT regulations require that we deliver your belongings within that maximum delivery window. That means that you must be sure to keep with you any critical items that you must have during that maximum 21-day delivery window, and plan accordingly.

We’ll discuss delivery windows again in more detail in a future blog post. Stay tuned…

There are lots more moving and packing tips on the Web, but if you follow these basic steps, you will have a smooth move. Planning and preparation pays off. Last-minute decisions always increase costs and headaches.

For more information and ideas, visit the American Moving and Storage Association at www.moving.org.

Save money on movesThe # 1 Question – How To Save Money On Moves

A lot of customers have asked how they can save money on moves between Austin and Dallas, Houston or San Antonio. The quotes our sales staff give when they receive a request for moving in Texas between these cities is a price based on an exclusive truck, meaning the movers will arrive at your pickup location on the day you request, load everything you want to move into the truck, drive directly to your delivery address and unload it all when they get there. This is an efficient and convenient way to move between cities on your chosen day without having to wait for your belongings.

In order to save money on a move between Texas cities, you can also look into the option of a shared load. The availability for moving will depend on the schedule and when we will have trucks traveling between the cities you are moving from and to. The cost of a shared load will depend on the size of your shipment, but in general, you can save at least $100-$300 off the quoted price for an exclusive truck, depending on the cities you are moving between. This is a great option for anyone looking to get their move at the cheapest price and who also has some flexibility with the days their shipment can be picked up and delivered. It’s also a great money saving option if you need to move just one (or only a few) item(s) such as a piano.

We Are Flexible

We will do whatever we can to get you the best move at the most economical price! If you are interested in a shared load option when moving between cities in Texas be sure to let your salesperson know so she can check the schedule and let you know what days are available for your desired city. If the ability to schedule your move on a specific date is the most important factor to you then a standard exclusive truck move is your best bet, but if you can be flexible then the shared load option will definitely save you money on your move!


moving tip #9Use your luggage

Helpful moving tip # 9 – Fill luggage and duffel bags with clothing, sheets, towels, and paper goods.

Even for local Austin moves you will be able to quickly spot your green suitcase holding your favorite sweaters, whereas “Box #97” might remain elusive for days. Avoid packing books or heavy items in large suitcases, as these can be extremely difficult to move and may damage the luggage.

Also avoid packing dishes or fragile items in suitcases or duffel bags, as luggage generally does not offer the same protection as boxes specifically designed for china and other delicate items. Be sure your Austin moving company knows that your inventory list will include suitcases and/or duffel bags.

For local moves this may add to the time your move takes, and for interstate moves it will increase the weight or volume of your shipment. Either way, you want to be sure your estimate is as accurate as possible by providing your mover with the best information prior to your move.

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item list…But if it’s hourly, why do you need my item list?

This is a question the sales staff at Elephant Moving hears frequently. Many customers want to know why we need an accurate item list from them if we are charging by the hour.


An accurate item list helps our moving crews keep their schedule. If a crew shows up to a move and there is more to move than on the list then the move will take longer. This means that the crew will be late to the moves after this one, which is not fair to the other customers.

Just as you expect your Austin movers to arrive on time, so does everyone else who schedules a move with Elephant Moving & Storage. We know that it is sometimes hard to know if your list and box count are wrong until you have finished packing. Every customer receives a confirmation email at the time of booking; this email summarizes your move and contains a copy of your inventory list. Every customer also receives a confirmation phone call the day before their move.

Keep Us Informed

At any time leading up to your move appointment, including during that confirmation phone call, we encourage you to inform the office of any changes to your list. This will allow us time to inform other customers that their start times will be later or earlier than originally stated.

If the crew shows up to find a lot more or less than on the list there may be additional charges on the day of your move. Please try to keep your Austin movers updated so move day is smooth for all!


item list for movingThis is a question the sales staff at Elephant Moving hears frequently. Many customers want to know why we need an accurate item list for moving from them if we are charging by the hour.


The most important reason is to make sure that we are sending the right size crew of movers to each and every move. We want to make sure that your moving experience is a positive one! Elephant Moving strives to maintain a consistent level of quality and service. If the crew is too small for the job the move will not go well. The crew will become fatigued and that leads to damages! A larger crew on a larger job will not only help prevent damages, but it will also save you money! We structure our rates so that the larger crews cost less per man than a 2 man crew, which means in the end our customers save money.

For example, if a 2 man crew would need over 7 hours to complete a particular job the cost would be $90/hr x 7 hrs = $630. This same job would take a 4 man crew 3.5 hours to complete at a rate of $150 per hour = $525. Who doesn’t like saving money?!

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Before You Move…

One of the most important steps before you move is getting a moving estimate from your home or office mover. In order for the estimator to provide you with the most accurate quote possible you will need to provide him with the best information you can. You should have complete knowledge of your new neighborhood, apartment/house/office, and the route to your destination (including construction). With local moves, time is everything.

before you moveYou can sometimes save time if you can recommend a quicker route to your destination than the one your mover was expecting to take. Other helpful tidbits that your Austin mover needs to know in order to give you an accurate moving estimate:

Check your new area for the availability of suitable parking for the moving truck

One that will allow the movers to comfortably load and unload your items. Double-parking means the truck has to round the corner every so often and you may incur additional charges. A long carry will add to the time it takes to load or unload.

Know all of the restrictions and requirements for your building

Most big buildings, especially in city areas, allow moves only between 9am and 5pm for residential moves, or only after hours and weekends for commercial moves. Remind your movers to provide the necessary certificates of insurance. These documents protect the building against damage. Building superintendents will not allow entrance without them. Check what other requirements the building may have regarding floor/wall protection and elevator usage.
• The availability of suitable elevator units for apartment moves is very important, especially ones large enough to hold your biggest pieces of furniture. This will definitely save you time and money. But it will also save the movers the time and effort of carrying heavy furniture up the stairs, where damage is more likely to occur, and also from disassembling your furniture.

If you are unsure about access, parking, or elevator sizes don’t hesitate to request an on-site estimate! Your Austin movers will gladly take a little time to check things out to ensure there are no unpleasant surprises on move day and everything goes smoothly for your move!

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tell your moversLearn What To Tell Your Movers…

When you call to get an Austin moving estimate, you should tell your movers as much information as possible to ensure there are no surprises the day of your move.

Pertinent information includes:

  • What floor are you on? Is there an elevator or stairs?
  • How many flights of stairs? Do the stairs curve or turn sharply?
  • Can the moving truck park near your door or stairway?
  • Or will there be a long walk for the movers?
  •  Does your driveway slant at a 40-degree angle?
  • Do you have a storage unit or garage that is also full of furniture and/or boxes?
  • How many items will require disassembly?
  • How many glass/marble/granite table tops, glass shelves, glass cabinet doors and/or framed pictures will require wrapping the day of your move?
  • How large are they? This is especially important information – your Austin movers need to be sure they bring large enough crates or bins to accommodate the biggest fragile piece you have.
  • Do you have any items that require special tools or techniques to disassemble (i.e. pool table, game table, hot tub)?
  • Do you have any odd shaped bulky or loose items such as potted trees/plants, birdbaths, lawn fountains or sculptures?
  • Is there something that caused problems the last time you moved (i.e. those doors that had to be removed for that extra large overstuffed sleeper sofa)?

Providing your Austin movers with this information ensures that your estimate will be as accurate as possible. It will also ensure that your moving crew brings all of the tools and materials necessary to keep your move going smoothly.

your moving estimate Everything To Do With Your Moving Estimate…

Be sure to give your estimator as much information as you can in order to keep your cost as close to your estimate as possible.

Keep in mind that the estimator assumes, in every situation, the following:

  • You will not need additional supplies/packing materials to be provided by the mover.
  • You will have packed everything yourself that you had anticipated.
  • The scope of the work does not change markedly on the day of the move. In other words, you didn’t forget to tell the estimator about important (and heavy) stuff, such as:
  • The lawnmower your neighbor borrowed from you.
  • The unknown contents of your filled storage space.
  • The “priceless” junk in the basement you found under the tarp-the stuff that your wife was hoping would be left behind “by accident.”
  • Traffic from your old home to your new will not be worse than usual.

moving estimateA tentative final bill for Elephant Moving’s services comes from the moving estimate using a simple formula…

Your moving estimate: (Number of movers + truck) x number of hours = final price

Estimating moves is an inexact science…

Many variables factor into how long a move will take. The professional moving estimators at Elephant Moving use their experience from doing similar moves in order to figure out how many hours your move will require. Their estimates factor in the number and type of items you have, stairs and walking distances, travel time and whether you are leaving town.

Each moving estimate will include the amount of time that will pass from the moment the movers first arrive at your location and your move begins until the movers are finished. They will then add in the cost of packing services, moving boxes, tape and other packing materials.

Elephant Moving’s easy to understand hourly rates include the crew of movers, one moving truck, disassembly/reassembly, wrapping of furniture in heavy duty moving blankets, travel time and all taxes.

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