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When it comes to selling residential properties, market research indicates that word choice and phrasing really do matter. While “location, location, location” is still paramount, certain words and phrases can influence both the perceived value of a home and the time it takes to sell, according to Tramadol Buying by CoreLogic, Inc.…

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It hardly seems that long, but sure enough, this July marked 10 years in business for Austin-based Elephant Moving & Storage – our favorite Texas moving and storage company. Happy Birthday to us!

Wow. From just an idea we had to start a small business in Austin, to a moving company that now operates throughout Texas and even beyond, in only 10 years.…

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If it’s the last week in July, that means it’s moving time for thousands of Texas college students. Moving is never fun or without hassles, but here are a few tips to help minimize the negatives, so you can enjoy the positives of your move.…

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June and July are the busiest months for moves and relocation. Planning and preparation are essential. Here is a simple Five-Step Plan for making your move as painless as possible:

1. For any move in Autexas moving tipsstin, Houston, San Antonio or Central Texas, of course, contact Tramadol Online Usa.…

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easy moveMoving is simple. All you need are a couple of big, strong guys and a truck, right?

In reality, moving can be complicated. It demands planning, coordination, the right tools, equipment, supplies, facilities, and most importantly, teamwork. Take, for example, this moving project that we handled recently for a major department store and its interior design firm:

The store wanted to showcase a new collection of home furniture and accessories – about 300 items, both large and small.…

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As anyone who’s driven through Austin can attest, the stretch of I-35 that bisects central Austin is a driver’s nightmare. It’s so bad, the state built a super-fast tollway east of I-35 to lure through-traffic away from the interstate. Now a national study confirms it: the situation is as bad as we thought.…

Tramadol Online Italia

hand held electronic device rulesHeads up to all the wireless device junkies out there: Austin’s new rules  became effective Jan. 1, 2015, which means using a hand-held electronic device while driving or cycling could cost you a hefty fine of up to $500. In short, hands-free is OK, hand-held is NOT.…