Save money on movesThe # 1 Question – How To Save Money On Moves

A lot of customers have asked how they can save money on moves between Austin and Dallas, Houston or San Antonio. The quotes our sales staff give when they receive a request for moving in Texas between these cities is a price based on an exclusive truck, meaning the movers will arrive at your pickup location on the day you request, load everything you want to move into the truck, drive directly to your delivery address and unload it all when they get there. This is an efficient and convenient way to move between cities on your chosen day without having to wait for your belongings.

In order to save money on a move between Texas cities you can also look into the option of a shared load. The availability for moving will depend on the schedule and when we will have trucks travelling between the cities you are moving from and to. The cost of a shared load will depend on the size of your shipment, but in general you can save at least $100-$300 off the quoted price for exclusive truck, depending on the cities you are moving between. This is a great option for anyone looking to get their move at the cheapest price and who also has some flexibility with the days their shipment can be picked up and delivered. It’s also a great money saving option if you need to move just one (or only a few) item(s) such as a piano.

We Are Flexible

We will do whatever we can to get you the best move at the most economical price! If you are interested in a shared load option when moving between cities in Texas be sure to let your salesperson know so she can check the schedule and let you know what days are available for your desired city. If the ability to schedule your move on a specific date is the most important factor to you then a standard exclusive truck move is your best bet, but if you can be flexible then the shared load option will definitely save you money on your move!

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great moving experienceThank you Susan for your kind words and we are happy to continue proving  another great moving experience whenever you need!

You all moved a piano for me last Sunday. Rachael was the young lady on the phone who set up my appointment and kept in very close touch with me. I just want to tell you that your movers were professional and very polite and it was an amazingly wonderful and quick experience. And I wanted to say that Rachael is one of the nicest, most helpful, courteous customer representatives I’ve ever dealt with on the phone with a business. She went beyond I think what she needed to do to make me comfortable and to stay in touch with me, and she was absolutely fabulous. I just wanted to put in a high recommendation for her and tell you that the team that worked at my place was wonderful. It was a wonderful experience and I will certainly recommend you to anybody else. Thank you all very much for a great  moving experience!

-Susan S.


Check out more about what makes our services lead to such a great moving experience. 

Expert Piano Moving Services

Our expert crews are well-versed in the finer points of piano moving. Whether you have a small upright piano or a full size concert grand piano, Elephant Moving’s experienced professional piano movers know just how to take care of your instrument.

Whether you need your piano moved within your house, to the other side of a concert hall, up or down stairs, across town or across the country, Elephant Moving can meet your piano moving needs. Elephant Moving has all the equipment needed to move any size or type of piano, and our highly trained piano movers know precisely how to disassemble, pad/wrap, lift, manuever and transport every kind of piano from upright to baby grand to full grand pianos.

Check out some shots of one of our baby grand piano moves. First the crew takes off the legs. Once the legs have been removed the crew wraps the piano body, first in soft fabric pads and/or foam to preserve the high gloss finish, then in heavy duty moving pads to add an extra layer of padding.

The fully padded and wrapped piano is then strapped to a piano board and carefully maneuvered outside and into the truck, where it is strapped securely to the side of the truck. A short drive across town and the piano is carefully unloaded, unwrapped and reassembled!

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Baby Grand Move - Out of the house Baby Grand Baby Grand
baby grand baby grand into truck baby grand

pros move pianosHow Our Pros Move Pianos

Unless the piano is very small and light, it is almost always placed on a special skid called a piano board. The piano is covered with blankets and strapped to the board. If the piano is to be moved over a level surface for any distance, the piano board is put on a dolly – a small platform on wheels- and rolled to its destination, such as a truck or stairway. At the stairway, the dolly is removed and the piano is slid in a very slow and controlled manner up or down the stairs. Our pros move pianos like no one else.

Grand Pianos

A grand piano is moved on its side, straight side down. First the lid and the pedal lyre are removed. Then the leg at the straight side of the piano is removed and the piano is carefully lowered down to the piano board. After the remaining 2 legs are removed, the piano is covered with blankets and strapped to the board. Stripped down in this manner, a grand piano is quite thin and will actually fit through a door or other opening very easily.

Stay Safe

When a piano must be moved to or from a floor other than the first, many movers prefer to hoist or rig it rather than move it up or down stairs. Believe it or not, moving a piano by stairs is actually more dangerous, both to the piano and to the movers, than hoisting it through an upper-story window with a crane. Most movers will consent to moving by stairs when only one flight is involved, or when no other alternative is possible. Of course, if the building has a freight elevator that can support the piano, that method is preferred over all others.

Basically, it is the customer’s responsibility to make sure the piano will fit in its new location. This means not expecting a piano to be hoisted in a window that’s too small, or carried down a stairway with too low an overhang, or moved around a corner that’s too tight.

Corners are the hardest to judge because they can’t be easily measured. An experienced mover can usually judge these situations pretty accurately by eye and may prefer to visit the moving sites prior to moving day if there is any question about the difficulty of the job. This probably won’t be possible if the move is a long-distance one. If the piano won’t fit in its intended location, the customer will have to pay for its delivery back to its point of departure, to an alternate destination, or to storage.

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Excerpt taken from The Piano Book: The definitive source book on buying & owning a new or used piano by Larry Fine. Click here for more info.