moving claimsAt Elephant Moving and Storage we strive to maintain the highest quality services.

Our movers work hard to get your valued possessions moved safely across town or across the country. Occasionally, however, despite all efforts and precautions, small damages may occur. It is important to remember that all claims must be submitted in writing.

A phone call will not be sufficient to process your claim! If you have a damage claim the best way to begin the claims process is to submit your claim to our claims department by emailing

Please include your name, the date of your move, a description of the item and the damage that occurred, the value of the item, and what you are asking for as compensation. If you have photographs of the damage please send those along with your claim.

Be advised that damage claims will be limited to $.60 per pound per article as noted on our local and long-distance moving contracts unless increased insurance has been purchased. This is the basic level of liability that is included automatically and free of charge in the rates for moving. If you purchased additional moving insurance coverage through then you must submit your claim directly to them online at For any damage to floors, walls, doors, and painted surfaces, Elephant Moving’s liability is limited to $50.00.

Also, please note that pressed wood and particle board furniture are exempt from any third party insurance (such as coverage purchased from or increased valuation coverage (claims are limited to the basic coverage of $.60 per pound). This furniture is not stable, and is not meant to travel fully assembled. For further discussion on this topic please visit the pressed wood section of our blog. If you have questions about the claims process or insurance for your move please feel free to call our office and we will be happy to assist you.

moving insuranceRead Everything!

When purchasing moving insurance coverage for your local or long-distance move you should be sure to read the fine print carefully! There are some things that are not covered by any third party moving insurance policy. Boxes, containers and items that are packed by owner (PBO) are excluded from full coverage – the maximum amount that will be paid for these items is $250. If there are items that need to be boxed or otherwise packaged that you would like insured for above this amount then you will need to order packing services from your Austin mover in order to get full replacement coverage.

Delicate and fragile items – including glass tables/tops, marble tables/tops, slates, paintings, framed pictures, chandeliers, display cases – must be professionally packed and/or crated in wooden or other protective containers to be covered. Wrapping such items in moving pads only does not constitute professional packing and are not covered.

All lamps, including floor or pole lamps not professionally packed in cartons specifically made for this item will be excluded from coverage. Loss and/or damage to articles not professionally wrapped with special moving pads, bubble wrap, and/or shrink-wrap will also be excluded from coverage. Mattresses and boxsprings are specifically excluded from coverage unless packed by the mover in mattress cartons specifically designed for this purpose. Shrink-wrap alone does not constitute proper protection.

The following items are excluded from coverage regardless of how they are packaged:

  • Jewelry
  • Watches
  • Gem
  • Stones
  • Cash
  • Currency or bank notes
  • Deeds
  • Travelers cheques
  • Coin or stamp collections
  • Sports memorabilia
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Negotiable items
  • Furs or garments trimmed with fur
  • Plasma televisions
  • Firearms and ammunition, or contraband

Loss or damage to motorcycles is not covered. Wrinkled or soiled clothing, linens, drapes, or rugs are also excluded.

Additional Exclusions

*** Moving insurance excludes damage to any furniture constructed of veneered chipboard, particle board, composite board, pressed wood or similar. Any reduction in quality arising as the result of dismantling or reassembling of any such items of furniture is also excluded. Click here for other posts on this subject. ***

And perhaps the most important exclusion to remember: Items not listed on the movers’ inventory prepared at origin are not covered. Items not shipped are not insured. Be sure to double check the inventory your Austin movers have prepared for your shipment!

As with any insurance policy, it is important to read through your moving insurance policy information so that you are aware of all exclusions and exceptions to the coverage. If you have any questions or concerns talk to your move coordinator.

The insurance offered on your move covers only the items that the movers are transporting. Please be advised that our liability is limited to $50.00 for damage to floors, walls, doors, and painted surfaces.

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items not covered by moversDue to the design and/or construction of certain items, as well as moving company policies and government regulations, there are items not covered by movers under increased valuation coverage or third part moving insurance – only the basic cargo valuation of $.60/lb applies to these items. Also, please note that Elephant Moving’s liability is limited to $50.00 for damage to floors, walls, doors, and painted surfaces.

Elephant Moving assumes no increased liability for the following items:

Customer Packed Boxes (PBO-Packed By Owner) – VERY IMPORTANT

  • the specific contents of your boxes are not covered unless they have been packed by Elephant Moving company employees and additional insurance has been purchased
  • in the event that a customer-packed box is lost or destroyed, basic valuation compensation of $.60/lb will be computed based on industry standard weights per box, REGARDLESS of actual box contents

Pressboard Furniture

  • disassemble pressboard furniture if possible, package fasteners separately (see our section on pressed wood furniture for further explanation)

Halogen Pole Lamps

  • disassemble and box halogen pole lamps to protect them, always remove bulbs

Live Plants or Perishables

  • avoid packing food or plants if at all possible, use open-top boxes or wardrobes for plants

Electronics & Musical Instruments (Internal Mechanisms)

  • includes the internal workings of all electronic items such as televisions, stereos, computers, computer accessories and all musical instruments (unless you have specifically purchased full coverage insurance with the mechanical and electrical derangement add-on coverage)
  • have your electronics and musical instruments professionally prepared for moving beforehand

Unpackaged Glass

  • includes glass framed artwork, fish-tanks, tabletops, and mirror glass
  • glass must be pre-packaged by an Elephant Moving employee to be fully covered

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particle board furnitureA Bit About Particle Board Furniture…

A helpful tip from your friendly Austin movers: Furniture manufactured from press board and particle board furniture is designed to go into a box when it is moved from the manufacturer to the retailer then to the customer unassembled. It is not built to withstand the normal stresses of a move as an assembled unit.

Most are not designed with the extra wood structural pieces to adequately brace the unit for movement out of or into a residence or office, nor the normal moving truck vibration, even in air-ride moving trailers. Usually chips or dents are not repairable. Surface impressions can be made on the furniture when writing on a single piece of paper – you can imagine how it must fare when stacked in a moving truck.

Assembly instructions frequently suggest that connecting hardware pieces be glued in place. This does not significantly improve the structural integrity of the furniture, but does make disassembly impossible without creating substantial, irreparable damage.

For these reasons, moving companies and third party insurers do not offer increased insurance coverage for these types of items. Elephant Moving’s movers will do their best to transport these items for you in a safe and careful manner, but because pressed wood furniture is so unstable we are unable to offer increased cargo valuation or increased insurance on these pieces. If damage does occur you will be able to submit a claim only for the basic cargo valuation coverage of $.60 per pound. Full replacement value insurance excludes these items. Pressed wood and particle board furniture is moved at your own risk!

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