Interstate Relocation Insurance Information

interstate relocation insurance information It is extremely important to remember that movers are not insurance companies!

It is important to understand interstate relocation insurance information: All licensed movers must carry cargo insurance, for the customers’ and the company’s protection. This translates into cargo valuation coverage in the amount of $.60 per pound per article. Obviously this is a basic and limited coverage for your belongings.

Some moving companies offer different options for increased coverage, but you should remember that no interstate moving company is an insurance company. If your long-distance mover has offered to sell you increased coverage directly, then this is increased valuation, NOT INSURANCE.

This increased valuation means that for your interstate move your relocation company has agreed to be liable for damages above the $.60 per pound limit (usually this maxes out at around $5.00 per pound). This is still not enough to cover the full replacement cost of many items, especially smaller, lighter, expensive items such as TVs and fine china.

Guarantee Coverage

The only sure-fire way to guarantee that your things will be covered at full replacement value is to purchase additional insurance (not increased valuation). Many interstate movers offer this option through reputable third party insurers who deal only with moving and storage.

Elephant Moving works with to provide increased insurance options to our local and long distance moving customers. Policies are available for valued inventory or lump sum coverage; there are also add-ons available for pairs and sets coverage and mechanical and electrical coverage. Be aware that Elephant Moving’s liability for damage to floors, walls, doors, and painted surfaces is limited to $100.00. does not offer increased coverage options for damage to your premises. Check with your homeowner’s insurance to see if they will cover any damage to the premises that may occur during a move.

Stay tuned for more information on the third party insurance options that may be available from your interstate relocation company…

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