More Moving Insurance Options for Interstate Relocation

moving insuranceMore Moving Insurance Options:

Total Loss Only

This coverage is for a specified dollar amount and pays only in the case of catastrophic loss. Small damages are not covered by this type of insurance. Benefits of this coverage include low cost and protection against a major accident or disaster.

Add-on options for full replacement value moving insurance

include pairs and sets coverage and mechanical and electrical derangement coverage. Pairs and sets will replace a full set of something if only one or part of the set is damaged. The mechanical coverage covers internal working of mechanical and electrical devices (without this add-on coverage, only physical damage to the unit itself is covered). also covers storage in our warehouse (self storage facilities are not covered). A policy purchased for a local or interstate move is good for up to 90 in our storage facility. Customers can also purchase extensions of this coverage on a monthly basis to cover periods longer than 90 days.

All of our basic and increased insurance options cover the goods that we transport and store. None of these options cover damage to the premises we work in. Be advised that Elephant Moving’s liability is limited to $100.00 for damage to floors, walls, doors, and painted surfaces.

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