Summer Moves!

Summer MovingSummer is here!

This means that in every city in the U.S. everyone is moving, and when we say everyone we mean it! 70% of all the moves in the U.S. summer moves. Elephant Moving & Storage has years of experience on how to pass the peak moving season successfully.

Your Austin moving company is aware of the increase in move requests at this time of year, so scheduling is highly supervised in order to ensure that we are able to maintain our high quality services on every move that schedules. Elephant Movers makes careful efforts not to overbook our calendar in order to make sure we can provide every customer with an accurate time for his move and the high quality services we are known for.


Elephant Moving maintains crews of professional movers all year round (we don’t use day labor or sub contactors); our field crews are trained in how to maneuver and transport house hold goods in the most careful and efficient manner using techniques that have been developed by us over 12 years in the moving industry. Every crew member goes through a background check and doesn’t hit the field before he is a aware of all the aspects of household moving during the summer. As we all know, the temperature in Austin routinely climbs past 100 degrees Fahrenheit – Elephant Moving makes sure that the crew is capable of working in extreme weather conditions and that they have enough water with them for their day of work.

Your local Austin and San Antonio movers are affiliated with all the major truck rental companies in town in order to supplement our fleet of trucks whenever necessary. Elephant Moving can provide the trucks needed for any size move on short notice.

Summer is hectic, but with the right preparation your Austin movers make sure that every customer gets his money’s worth on each and every move!

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