Furniture Movers in Austin, Houston and San Antonio

We pride ourselves on not just being another furniture moving company.

Sure, we’re moving your furniture from one home or office to another or across Texas, just like others. But what separates our services is the experience, knowledge, and care that our team has when moving furniture and important work equipment.

We have spent years successfully and carefully moving:

  • dining room furniture
  • living room furniture
  • bedroom furniture
  • TV room furniture
  • recreation room furniture
  • office furniture
  • dorm room furniture

We have aptly sized trucks and professional movers that specialize in moving furniture of all shapes and sizes across the Austin, Houston, and San Antonio city limits or across Texas.

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Our Approach To Moving Furniture

We approach each furniture move the same way as any home or office move:

  • We meet with you to assess the scope of your furniture move.
  • We develop a plan to customize the move.
  • We provide moving and packing materials.
  • We follow up consistently to ensure your readiness and peace of mind.
  • We implement the furniture move in a timely and efficient manner.

Prior to the furniture move, we tag the furniture items for you. Then, we carefully pack and pad-wrap desks, tables, chairs, beds, armoires, entertainment centers, computers, conference tables, office chairs, and tables, etc.

Once the furniture has been moved to your new home or office, our trained moving specialists will unpack and unwrap each item and place it in areas designated by you.

Affordable Furniture Moving Services

We’re your affordable furniture moving consultants providing you with our years of seasoned experience at unbeatable prices.

We know that moving heavy and bulky furniture is inconvenient and tiresome for you. But, not for us!

We love our job as furniture movers. We will perform your furniture move quickly and efficiently while making it a pleasant and stress-free experience for you! Give us a call!

Best of all, we move furniture seven (7) days a week.

Please ask us about our discounts for seniors and students.

Get Your Furniture Moving Estimate Today!

Or Call Us At: 512.442.6622