Packing Crates Rental Order Form

Why Use Cardboard Boxes When You Can Use Plastic Packing Crates That Are Reusable and Earth-Friendly?

Plastic packing crates can be rented in increments of 25. Rates for our plastic crates include 2 full weeks (14 days) of rental. Delivery and pickup are included in the price. Unforeseen delays with your move? No Problem! An additional week can be added at a deep discount.

So, call us today at 512.442.6622 or complete our short order form below and we’ll get in touch with you.

Packing crate rentals are available in the Austin, San Antonio, and Houston metro areas. If you are moving to/from an area in Texas that is outside of these cities we may still be able to provide rental crates; please call our office to inquire about additional fees associated with your rental. If you are moving out of state we cannot provide rental crates for your move at this time. Please visit our Packing Materials Order Form to purchase cardboard boxes and other packing materials instead.

If plastic packing crates aren’t for you, Elephant Moving and Storage can provide you with moving packing boxes of all sizes. Elephant Moving also sells packing tape, wrapping paper, and custom-made boxes for those bulky, fragile or odd-sized items.

Renting our crates is as easy as 1-2-3.

Step 1: Choose the Number of Crates Needed.

Our crate rentals are for 2 full weeks (14 days). Our price includes delivery of the crates to your current location, and pickup of the crates at your new location.

Please note, if you require more than 100 crates, please contact us directly for a custom quote.

Step 2: Choose the Number of Crate Dollies Needed.

Need a crate dolly? Add for $4 each per 2 week rental term. Crates fit perfectly into molded plastic dolly; can accommodate up to 20 empty crates or up to 5 packed crates per dolly.

Please note, if you require more than 10 dollies, please contact us directly for a custom quote.

Step 3: Need an Extra Week?

Our crate rentals are for 2 full weeks, however, if you expect to need the crates for an extra week (7 days), we offer a discounted rate. Prices for one extra week are:

25 Crates$29
50 Crates$49
75 Crates$69
100 Crates$99

Please note, if you require more than 3 weeks for crate rental, please contact us directly for a custom quote.

Step 4: Is Special Handling Required?

Our crate price includes the dropoff of the crates outside at your location. If our movers need to carry the crates up any stairs, use an elevator or bring them into a home (versus just deliver them into the garage or front yard), then we are required to charge for special handling insurance. Prices for special handling are:

25 Crates$19
50 Crates$29
75 Crates$39
100 Crates$49

Step 5: Need Labels?

Need E-Z Peel Labels for your crates? Labels are $15 per 100 labels. Only E-Z peel labels may be used on rental crates - other stickers/tapes will incur an additional cleaning charge.

100 Labels

Total $129.00
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