Residential Moving Services

When it comes to our residential moving services we pride ourselves on being your home moving company and consultant. With our years of residential moving experience, we’ve moved small homes, large homes, condos, townhomes, apartments, high-rise penthouses and dorm-rooms to and from Austin, Houston, and San Antonio. We are also happy to offer student and senior discounts!

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Home, Condo, Townhome, and Apartment Movers

We approach each residential move the same way:

  • We meet with you to assess the scope of your home, apartment, condo, townhome or dorm-room move.
  • We develop a plan to customize the move.
  • We provide moving and packing materials.
  • We follow up consistently to ensure your preparedness and peace of mind.
  • We then implement the move in a timely, efficient manner.

Prior to your home, apartment, condo, townhome or dorm-room move, we will tag all household items for you, carefully pack and pad-wrap desks, tables, chairs, computers, etc.

Once the items have been moved to your new home, our trained professional home movers will unpack and unwrap each item and place them in the designated areas of your home.

This is why we’re considered to be a high-quality home moving company… because Elephant Moving and Storage is more than just a moving company.

We’re your home moving consultants providing you with our years of seasoned experience. We know that moving is viewed as an inconvenience and is sought to be performed in very little time. We will perform your move quickly and efficiently while also caring for your items because, well, they’re your items!

The best part is, we’re available to move your home, apartment, condo, townhome or dorm-room seven (7) days a week!

Residential Movers For Local, Across Texas, or Nationwide Moves

  • Local Moves – We can move your home, condo, townhome, apartment or dorm room locally within Austin, Houston, and San Antonio and other surrounding Central Texas areas.
  • Across the State of Texas – We can move your home across the entire state of Texas.
  • Cross Country – We can move your home to or from Austin, Houston, or San Antonio or to any destination within the United States.
  • Storage Solutions – We offer convenient and affordable home and home furniture storage solutions.
  • Pack and Move – We offer a full array of packing services. We can pack, pad-wrap, box, bag, unpack and unwrap your home.
  • Experienced and Careful Furniture Movers – We can disassemble and reassemble all of the furniture and equipment in your home.
  • Moving and Packing Materials – We sell an assortment of in-demand boxes and packing materials. We can custom-make your boxes for you to accommodate oddly-sized items.
  • On-Site Moving Estimates – We can come to your home at your convenience to assess the size of your move and to provide you with an on-site residential moving estimate.

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