Can I Move When It Rains?!

move when it rainsWe get this question a lot. The simple answer is yes, of course we will move you when it rains!

Your friendly Austin movers are here to help. We’re like the postman – a little rain can’t stop us! We take extra care to ensure that your belongings and your home are protected from the elements when we help you move when it rains.

We have floor runners, heavy duty furniture blankets and plastic wrap to keep everything dry and clean! We’ll cover your floors, your furniture and your boxes to keep everything in tip top shape. We can’t take our shoes off (not only is is unsafe but it’s also quite impractical when going in and out of your dwelling), but we will make sure our wet, muddy feet and dollies never come in contact with anything of yours.

Be Aware

You should be aware that torrential Texas downpour does hinder the progress of your movers. If the weather is particularly nasty it may take your Austin movers some extra time to finish your move. You always have the option to reschedule as well (subject to availability). If you want to move in the rain we will do our very best to get you moved regardless of the weather. We do everything we can to avoid leaving you stranded without a mover.