The Most Popular Types of Knots to Use When Moving

Nowadays, rope knots are used in almost every field, including paddlers, scouts, boaters, search and rescue teams, mountain climbers, and arborists. Another popular area where knots come in handy is during a move.

During a move, they are used to complete a wide range of tasks, from tying various items together to fastening heavy stuff onto the moving truck so that they remain firm.

However, while these knots are useful during a move, you have to choose the right one for each specific task. Tying the wrong knot for a certain task may end up doing more harm than good.

Let’s look at different types of moving knots to help you choose the right one for each task.


The Sheet Bend

The sheet bend is among our favorite moving knots.

This type of knot is mostly used to:

  • Connect one rope to another.
  • Tying a rope of different type and size together.
  • Join two ropes with different thicknesses.
  • Tie boxes

Furthermore, this type of knot can join with materials that normally could not be joined together because of their diameters. You can also use this moving knot to fasten different elements of your furniture or to join different pieces of rope.



Alpine Butterfly Knot

Just as the name suggests, the alpine butterfly is a good knot that can be used to form a fixed loop in the middle of a rope.

This knot can be tied without accessing either of the ends of the ropes, to provide a clip-in point which can be used as a joint or pack a moving truck in 2 or 3 directions. Furthermore, this knot is more stable than the figure 8 loop or the bowline on a Bight which tend to roll over in most cases.

Even after holding heavy loads, this knot remains practically easy to undo. Because of its stability and reliability, the Alpine butterfly knot is ideal for large packages and furniture. Additionally, the slip knot has adjustable loops that can fit any size of package, and they can also be easily tied or untied.



Zeppelin Bend

Also referred to as the Rosendahl Bend, this is perhaps the best way to connect two ropes.

The Zeppelin bend is exceptionally secure and shake-resistant despite the type of material used. The perfect symmetry used to tie this knot makes it easy to untie after holding heavy loads or even when wet.

Movers use this knot on packages of different weights and sizes. The Zeppelin bend can also be used for the heaviest items since it’s easier to tie and untie compared to other types of knots.



Trucker’s Hitch Knot

Have you ever had trouble tying goods on the truck rental or transportation such that you couldn’t make the ropes tight enough or your lines would continuously loosen during transportation? If so, then this is the right moving knot for you!

The trucker hitch knot will allow you to drive home with goods on your car roof without blowing them off.

This knot has a simple mechanical advantage that allows you to tighten the rope and tie it off easily while it’s still pulled tight. The trucker’s hitch knot can be used to haul pretty much anything, from furniture pads to goods of different shapes and sizes. The knot can also be used to fasten down tightly anything virtually anywhere. The loops can also be modified using a half-hitch for added stability.

Moving Knots Conclusion

Whenever you’re thinking of moving various items, be it a bike, a motorcycle, lumber and building supplies, furniture or simply household items, these types of knots will come in so handy. All these knots have their strengths and weaknesses so, ensure that you make the right choice depending on the type of goods you’re moving.

Another thing you need to keep in mind is that as much as some of these moving knots seem simple, it’s good to practice tying them before doing it on your goods.

If you intend to hire a professional mover, you’ll be glad to know that we use the best moving knots to keep your fragile items secure, preventing them from shifting around and getting damaged. Whether you’re moving for a short distance or you’re making a long-distance move, our movers ensure that your goods arrive in mint condition.