You Can Save Money On Moves: Exclusive Truck Vs. Shared Load

Save money on movesA lot of customers have asked how they can save money on moves between Austin and Dallas, Houston or San Antonio.

The quotes our sales staff give when they receive a request for moving in Texas between these cities is a price based on an exclusive truck.

With an exclusive truck, the movers will arrive at your pickup location on the day you request, load everything you want to move into the truck, drive directly to your delivery address and unload it all when they get there.

This is an efficient and convenient way to move between cities on your chosen day without having to wait for your belongings.

You Can Save Money by Using a Shared Load

If you want to save money on a move between texas cities, you can also look into the option of a shared load.

The availability for moving will depend on the schedule and when we will have trucks traveling between the cities you are moving from and to.

The cost of a shared load will depend on the size of your shipment, but in general, you can save at least $100-$300 off the quoted price for an exclusive truck, depending on the cities you are moving between.

This is a great option for anyone looking to get their move at the cheapest price and who also has some flexibility with the days their shipment can be picked up and delivered.

It’s also a great money-saving option if you need to move just one (or only a few) item(s) such as a piano.

Should You Use an Exclusive Truck or a Shared Load?

If the ability to schedule your move on a specific date is the most important factor to you then a standard exclusive truck move is your best bet.

If you can be flexible then the shared load option will definitely save you money on your move!

If you are interested in a shared load option when moving between cities in Texas be sure to let your salesperson know so she can check the schedule and let you know what days are available for your desired city.