We have received a number of inquiries lately about the shipping website uShip.com, which is an online marketplace for shipping services. Service providers bid against one another for customers’ shipments.

While you might be able to get your items shipped for dirt cheap using uShip, you should be aware that uShip is simply an online marketplace for helping parties connect.…

June and July are the busiest months for moves and relocation. Planning and preparation are essential. Here is a simple Five-Step Plan for making your move as painless as possible:

1. For any move in Autexas moving tipsstin, Houston, San Antonio or Central Texas, of course, contact Elephant Moving and Storage.…

The Texas Department of Motor Vehicles is working on a campaign to help educate consumers on the dangers of using unlicensed moving labor.

Consumers have many choices when it comes to choosing a licensed mover or an unlicensed moving company. There are countless websites that offer listings, reviews, and ads for moving services.…

know what to packWe know packing is hard work.

At Elephant Moving & Storage we make every effort to keep moving simple and as easy as possible, as well as the most cost-effective for our customers.

For local moves, we have a number of systems at work in our trucks that assist in keeping costs down and packing to a minimum.…

moving seasonThat’s right, summer is here, and that means it’s moving season!

Did you know that 70% of all moves take place during the summer months? Elephant Moving would like to wish Austin a safe and successful moving season this summer! Here are a few tips to help you get through your summer move:

As always, be sure that your mover is a licensed moving company that carries the proper insurances.

before your move


Before your move, remember these helpful tips!

  • Clean out storage spaces & discard unwanted items
  • Make inventory of items to be moved
  • Use up refrigerated/frozen items
  • Notify post office, subscriptions, and correspondents of address change. This includes: Charge Accounts/Credit Cards, Friends/Relatives, Medical Offices
  • Verify with veterinarian any travel accommodations for pets
  • Register children for school and transfer school records
  • Purchase packing materials
  • Begin packing household items that you do not use on a regular basis


  • Contact utility companies to schedule disconnect and reconnect of these services: Electricity, Gas, Telephone, Water/Sewer, Cable
  • Contact Newspaper carrier
  • Call to confirm moving date with your moving company


  • Drain fluids from lawn equipment
  • Prepare a box with essential items necessary for your first day in your new house, including: Bedroom
  • Linens, Toiletries, Medications, Telephone Book
  • Purchase any additional packing materials necessary
  • Continue packing – Pack all items not used on a daily basis


  • Pack valuables (we recommend you take your valuables in your own vehicle)
  • Be sure fragile items are appropriately packed and labeled
  • Be sure all loose items are packed and secure
  • Confirm all utility connections
  • Clean the house to the best of your ability


  • Test all smoke detectors and find fire extinguishers
  • Make a new list of emergency contacts
  • Register new address with the department of transportation, obtain an update for license and registration

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before and after you movePlease take advantage of our moving tips and moving advice for before and after you move. Print this page and carry it with you before and several days after the move. Moving tips that may seem obvious can be easily overlooked.…