Preparing for your long distance move

preparing for your long distance moveAn interstate move is different from a local move.

We help with preparing for your long distance move. Since your things are travelling much further than on a local move it is important to package them accordingly. On local moves you may notice that your local Austin moving company is able to move some items that are not boxed. This includes TVs, computer components and other small electronics, items in certain types of bags, and awkward items such as fans, lamps and humidifiers.

On local moves Elephant Moving Company has specialized bins in our moving trucks that allow your crew to wrap and protect these things and secure them for transport.

What Bags Can I Use?

However, because your things travel differently on an interstate move they must be prepared a little differently. For a long distance move your shipment gets transported on an 18-wheeler. To conserve space, prevent damages and avoid mixing up items, there are no special bins in the trucks for loose items. Everything must be boxed!

Duffel bags and suitcases may be used, but no garbage bags, shopping bags, or any other lightweight or open packaging. Standing lamps, fans and humidifiers should be packed into tall wardrobe boxes to avoid damage. All electronics must be boxed – large TVs should be pad wrapped and crated with cardboard and flat panel TVs should be crated in our custom built wood and foam crates. Mattresses must be bagged or boxed as well.

If your moving company is doing your packing just sit back and relax – you are in good hands!

If you plan to pack yourself in preparation for your interstate move you should be sure that everything is boxed appropriately or be prepared to pay the crew to finish up those last odd items when they arrive for your pickup. If you are unsure what to do with something do not hesitate to ask your Austin moving company how to handle it.

We are here to help and will gladly give tips on how to package anything you can possibly want to move! We sell all materials needed for your long distance move, including mattress bags, shrink wrap, all sizes and shapes of boxes, packing paper, bubble wrap and custom wood crates.

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