When you have an internal plumbing problem, you go to a medical professional. When you have a household plumbing problem, you hire a professional plumber.

In other words, we all seek out specialists who are the best at what they do.

It’s a similar story in business. Manufacturers, for example, are best at making stuff. Retailers are best at marketing, merchandising, and sales.

Professional movers, like Elephant Moving & Storage, are best at logistics – moving office and household furnishings efficiently and carefully from Point A to Point B.

This is why some of the biggest names in retail rely on Elephant Moving & Storage in the Austin and Central Texas area for what the logistics industry calls, “white glove delivery service.

downtown austin high-rise movingAre you moving in or out of a high rise in downtown Austin?

Our city is growing! The Austin skyline has started to fill up and look more like NY these days. It is so exciting to see Austin’s downtown area changing and becoming a thriving metropolis and this means that downtown Austin high-rise moving is becoming more common.

As a local Austin moving company that works often in this growing area we have gathered some feedback from the field to help you pass moving day downtown faster, smoother and more efficiently.


Make sure to reserve parking for the moving truck if necessary.…

move my pool table


Not every moving company can say yes to moving your pool table, but we can!

The short answer is yes, we do move pool tables. We can disassemble most pool tables (please keep in mind this is usually a labor-intensive project that will add quite a bit of time to your move), and we can safely and easily transport all the pieces of your pool table to a new location.

However, be advised that we are unable to reassemble pool tables due to the fact that each pool table must be re-felted and re-levelled by a professional pool table technician.…

commercial moveDon’t lose business with a commercial move

Is your company moving soon? Actively looking for a new location? Growing out of your current office and just thinking about relocating? We are here to help you with your commercial move.

One of the most important decisions you will make regarding your move is what relocation company will assist you with the transition. At Elephant Moving & Storage we understand how critical this time is for a business. Our commercial moving specialists can assist every step of the way, from planning to execution, to ensure that your company€™s move is carried out with professionalism and a minimum of disruption to your business.…

moving box kitsNot sure precisely what moving boxes you need? Try our bundled moving box kits!

Each kit contains 18 boxes (9 small, 6 medium, 3 large) and 1 roll of 55-yard tape.

This mix of moving boxes is perfect for packing up all your nonfragile items such as books, files, clothes, shoes, pots and pans, pantry items and all the various odds and ends you may have in your home or office.

Each kit includes enough boxes to pack up to 500 square feet.

Use as many kits as needed for the size of your home:

  • 500 – 1000 square feet: 2 kits
  • 1000 – 1500 square feet: 3 kits
  • 1500 – 2000 square feet: 4 kits
  • 2000 – 2500 square feet: 5 kits
  • 2500 – 3000 square feet: 6 kits
  • 3000+ square feet: 7+ kits

Supplement the kit as needed with wardrobe boxes, dish packs, bubble wrap and packing paper.

preparing for your long distance moveAn interstate move is different from a local move.

We help with preparing for your long distance move. Since your things are travelling much further than on a local move it is important to package them accordingly. On local moves you may notice that your local Austin moving company is able to move some items that are not boxed. This includes TVs, computer components and other small electronics, items in certain types of bags, and awkward items such as fans, lamps and humidifiers.

On local moves Elephant Moving Company has specialized bins in our moving trucks that allow your crew to wrap and protect these things and secure them for transport.…

interstate movingElephant Moving offers long distance – interstate moving to any destination in the United States.

For your interstate moving needs… Our crews pack and wrap everything with the greatest care to ensure it makes its journey to your new location safely. All furniture is pad wrapped in heavy duty moving blankets and secured with strong tape so it remains wrapped throughout the trip.

Each customer receives a copy of an itemized inventory of everything that is shipped to help eliminate the possibility of misplaced items in transit.

Don’t Forget…

When packing for your long distance move it is important to remember that all small and loose items must be boxed for an interstate trip – Elephant Moving can provide all the boxes, crates and materials you need, along with detailed instructions for anything you are unsure how to pack.…

protect your furnitureWe Protect Your Furniture Better Than The Others

We do everything we can to protect your furniture when you move. When your Austin movers arrive to load up your furniture the first thing they will do is disassemble anything that needs it and then wrap all pieces of furniture in heavy duty quilted moving blankets.

Customized Methods

Every item requires a unique method of wrapping. The blankets are always secured with tape, never just draped over the furniture. Large, bulky pieces, such as couches, armoires, china cabinets, etc, are wrapped in 2 or more pads to ensure the entire surface is covered.…