Moving Tip #7

moving tip #7Moving Tip #7 – Pack ahead

Anything you can pack ahead will save you time on moving day. This is our helpful moving tip #7 – Pack seldom used or out of season items early to avoid being rushed at the last minute. If it is summer, get your winter clothing and coats out of the way.

You don’t really need 5 radios or TVs around your house for the last few days there. Box up your shampoo and extra toothpaste and live out of a travel cosmetic case for the last week or two. Pare down dishes, cooking utensils and food supplies to bare essentials.

Wastebaskets can also be packed (put things in them!) while you switch to using plastic grocery bags (hang them on a cabinet door or door handle to collect trash.) The more you get done well in advance of your movers arrival, the less overwhelmed you will feel as move day approaches.

If move day arrives faster than you realized and you are not quite done packing, Don’t panic! Be sure to let your Austin moving company know the day before your move that you could use some last minute supplies and packing help.

The small extra expense will be well worth it as you calmly watch the movers finish the packing instead of frantically running around dodging furniture as you throw things haphazardly into boxes on move day.

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