When it comes to selling residential properties, market research indicates that word choice and phrasing really do matter. While “location, location, location” is still paramount, certain words and phrases can influence both the perceived value of a home and the time it takes to sell, according to research by CoreLogic, Inc.

A CoreLogic analysis looked at more than 1 million single-family transactions that were closed in 2016 nationwide. Days on market is defined as the time between the list date and the date a contract is signed.

Distressed properties, including real-estate owned (REO) and short sales, were excluded from the analysis since they are usually priced lower and tend to sell faster than non-distressed properties.…

compare moving quotesSince this is the peak of the moving season, it seems like a good time to talk about movers, compare moving quotes and estimates, and how to compare apples to apples. To keep it relatively simple, we’ll limit our focus to local and intrastate moves. We’ll talk about long-distance/interstate moves in another post.

First of all, realize that the moving business is a highly regulated industry — and for good reason. Individuals and families entrust their valuable property with movers, and unfortunately problems can arise.

That’s why legitimate, professional moving companies, such as Texas-based Elephant Moving & Storage, play by the rules and are fully licensed, bonded and insured.…

If it’s the last week in July, that means it’s moving time for thousands of Texas college students. Moving is never fun or without hassles, but here are a few tips to help minimize the negatives, so you can enjoy the positives of your move.

student movers texas

1. Do your homework. If you’re trying to decide whether to do it yourself or hire a professional moving company, carefully research the costs. After you add the basic cost of renting a truck or trailer, plus insurance, plus gas, plus other fees, you very likely will find that hiring a professional moving company, like Austin’s Elephant Moving & Storage, is only slightly more expensive.…

easy moveMoving is simple. All you need are a couple of big, strong guys and a truck, right?

In reality, moving can be complicated. It demands planning, coordination, the right tools, equipment, supplies, facilities, and most importantly, teamwork. Take, for example, this moving project that we handled recently for a major department store and its interior design firm:

The store wanted to showcase a new collection of home furniture and accessories – about 300 items, both large and small. Rather than simply invite consumers, designers, and other prospective customers to visit a store display, the design firm hired by the store recommended outfitting a real home with hundreds of furnishings and accessories, rotating them over a one-week time span.…

transportation study austinAs Austin movers, Elephant Moving and Storage knows better than anyone how bad traffic congestion is in Austin. So we were more than a bit surprised, as you might be, too, when a research group ranked Austin at the very top of the list for the availability of innovative technology that helps reduce our dependence on car ownership.

According to a transportation study published recently by the Frontier Group and the TexPIRG Education Fund…

Austin was the only one of 70 American cities that offers all 11 of 11 innovative technologies for reducing the need to own a car. The 11 technology-enabled transportation services are:

  • Car-sharing services (3 types)
  • Peer-to-peer
  • Fleet-based round-trip
  • Fleet-based one-way
  • Ride-sharing services
  • Ride-sourcing services
  • Taxi-hailing services
  • Bike-sharing systems
  • Static transit data
  • Real-time transit information
  • Multi-modal apps
  • Virtual ticketing

The study’s authors contend that “Technology-enabled transportation services have the potential to reduce driving and car ownership, especially among young people.”…

winter movingWinter is a great time to move!

The rates for winter moving are often cheaper and you will find that you have an easier time renting a moving truck or hiring movers – but you should be aware of potential moving issues so that you can avoid them before they occur. Although the weather in the Austin and Central Texas is typically mild, the occasional winter storm does blow through and can cause delays if you are moving on one of these rare days. If you are moving from Austin or Central TX to another state that generally experiences colder, more severe winter weather you should plan ahead to ensure your journey is a smooth one.…

Student MovesSummer is here! School is out until the fall. And what is a student to do with all that dorm room stuff? Turn to us for all your summer storage needs. 

We offer long term and short term storage options for a little or a lot! Our storage warehouse is a great place to stash your things for the summer or a semester abroad. Hassle free and worry free! Our crews of experienced professional movers will pick up your things when you need them out and deliver them to wherever you need them, whenever you need them – same room as last year, one a few blocks away, your mom’s house in Houston or a new place in Nashville once you get that post graduation first job!

moving tipsSome more moving tips to help make your move a smooth one

  • Use up all your food, so you don’t have to move it.
    • Plan for fridge/freezer items
  • Defrost freezer/refrigerator.
    • Place charcoal to dispel odors.
  • Have appliances serviced for moving.
  • Clean area rugs and have them wrapped for moving.
  • Plan for the special needs of children, pets, and plants
  • If using a moving company, check:
    • Insurance coverage
    • packing and unpacking labor
    • arrival day plans
    • paperwork
    • method and time of expected payment
  • Ask about regulations for pets including:
    • licenses
    • vaccinations
    • tags
    • leash laws, etc.

On Moving Day:

  • Carry traveler’s checks for quick available funds.

Attention Austin Apartment Movers…

For the benefit of Austin Apartment Movers; did you know that Elephant Moving & Storage has teamed up with local Austin apartment buildings and communities to help save our customers money?

If you live in one of these partner communities your management or leasing office can provide you with valuable coupons to help save on your next move with Elephant Moving! Simply visit the office and ask for your discount card. Partner communities include:

  • Verde Shadow Brook Apartments
  • Saddlecreek Apartments
  • Waterstone Apartments
  • Crossing Apartment Homes
  • Colonial Grand at Onion Creek
  • Terraces At Southpark Meadows
  • Ridgeview Apartments
  • Regency Park Apartments
  • Deerfield Apartments
  • Sedona Springs ApartmentsAustin Apartment movers
  • Stonegate Apartments
  • Villages of Bella Vista
  • Highlands Hill Country
  • River Oaks
  • SoCo Apartments
  • Alexan Onion Creek
  • Camden Stoneleigh
  • Gaines Ranch Apartments
  • Alexan City Lights
  • Austin Trails Apartments
  • The Cottages of Onion Creek
  • River Stone Ranch
  • Archstone Monterrey Ranch
  • Cliffs at Barton Creek Apartments
  • Barton Creek Landing
  • Austin City View Apartments
  • University Commons Apartments
  • Falcon Ridge Apartments
  • Gables Townlake
  • Barton Hills Park Place
  • 404 Rio Grande Apartments
  • Waters at Bluff Springs
  • Congress Square Apartments
  • State House on Congress
  • Hudson Miramont
  • Windsor at Barton Creek
  • Camden South Congress
  • Grand Reserve at Sunset Valley
  • AMLI Downtown
  • Park at Monterrey Oaks
  • Circle S Apartments
  • Breakers on the Lake
  • AMLI at Lantana Ridge
  • Camden Circle C Ranch
  • Legacy on the Lake Apartments
  • Monarch, AMLI on 2nd
  • Robertson Hill Apartments
  • Villas on 6th, University Estates at Austin
  • Settlers Creek, Crescent Apartments
  • Gables Town Lake
  • Gables 5th Street Commons
  • The Triangle Residences
  • The Block on Pearl
  • Jefferson at West Campus, and many more!

plastic moving cratesOur Plastic Moving Crates Do More Than Just Make Moving Easier

Are you moving locally in the Austin area? Elephant Moving & Storage is pleased to announce our new plastic moving crates program. It’s a cheaper and more environmentally friendly approach to packing than the traditional cardboard box route!

Save Money With Plastic Moving Crates

Our plastic crates allow you to pack up your whole house without spending a fortune on cardboard boxes or wasting tons of time scrounging for free used boxes around town. The plastic crates can be rented in groups of 25 for a flat price that includes 2 full weeks (14 days) – this price includes delivery and pickup.…