Summer Storage for Students

Student MovesSummer is here! School is out until the fall. And what is a student to do with all that dorm room stuff? Turn to us for all your summer storage needs. 

We offer long term and short term storage options for a little or a lot! Our storage warehouse is a great place to stash your things for the summer or a semester abroad. Hassle free and worry free! Our crews of experienced professional movers will pick up your things when you need them out and deliver them to wherever you need them, whenever you need them – same room as last year, one a few blocks away, your mom’s house in Houston or a new place in Nashville once you get that post graduation first job!

Our most popular service for students:

  • pickup
  • short term storage for a few days or weeks
  • delivery once you move back in time for fall classes

Our skilled Austin movers wrap all furniture in quilted blankets and prepare a detailed inventory of the items they take.

Once everything is loaded up, you’re done! No need to bother with a trip to a self storage, no locks, no keys to lose!

Our crews will unload shipments into our storage warehouse and package each shipment separately on pallets with shrink wrap. Accidentally packed your favorite shoes? No problem. You can access your storage items anytime you need. Simply let our office know when you want to come by and our warehouse moving staff will make sure your items are accessible so that you can find what you need.

Everything stored in our secure warehouse facility is always insured at our basic level of $.60 per pound. If you need additional insurance you can get up to full replacement value for as little as one item up to the whole shipment. Elephant Moving & Storage is licensed, bonded and insured. Our crews of well trained movers will make your summer storage stint a breeze!

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