Moving Tips #1

moving tip #1Moving Tips #1 Make A List

Make a list if your helpful moving tips #1. Your friends at Elephant Moving & Storage know that moving may not be the most fun you’ve ever had, but planning ahead will go a long way toward making the process bearable.

Leaving everything until the last minute will only stress you out. A little preparation will help make you feel better about your local Austin move or interstate move.

Nothing is worse than the feeling of helplessness that will overcome you if you schedule a move and are completely unprepared when the movers show up. Following are some simple tips and tricks to help you make the most of your moving experience, whether your move is a local Austin move or a cross country long distance move. And of course you can always contact our friendly office staff for additional suggestions or to ask specific questions about your move. We’re here to help!

Write everything down!

Trust us, you will thank yourself later (like when your 8 year old is inconsolable and wants only his spiderman jammies…). Before you pack even one box, create a simple record keeping system. Create a computer-printed list of numbers with a space to write the contents. Or have a spiral-bound notebook for the job. Place a number on EVERY box you pack and specify the contents on your list. Don’t put the list down unless it is in a place you will call Packing Central.

This is where you can find your labels, marking pens, box tape, and other supplies. When describing the box contents, be specific — “A-D files” is better than “files”, and “flower dishes” better than “misc. kitchen”. The more specific you are, the less you will have to dig for necessary items later on.

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