Transit Insurance

transit insuranceThe Basics About Transit Insurance

The basic insurance that Austin movers carry is $.60 per pound per article. Liability is limited to $100.00 for damage to floors, walls, doors, and painted surfaces. You may wish to purchase additional transit insurance to cover loss or damage to your goods; additional coverage is not available for damage to premises.

Elephant Moving works with to bring you increased insurance options. offers Total Loss Only, Full Replacement – Valued Inventory and Full Replacement – Lump Sum coverages. Additional options include Pairs and Sets coverage and Mechanical and Electrical Derangement coverage. allows you to insure one high value item, your entire shipment, or anything in between. You can also choose your deductible. The average cost for a policy purchased on is less than 1% of the value of the goods.

Determining Factors uses a number of factors to determine which moving companies they include in their network. Each moving company that applies to become an affiliate is checked for relevant state and federal moving licenses, valid liability, auto, cargo, and warehousemen insurance policies, previous loss history (in terms of past claims), Better Business Bureau record, and general moving experience. The claims loss ratio and frequency with affiliate moving companies on is 50% lower than the nation’s average.

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