What Your Austin Movers Expect to Do on the Day of Your Move

your austin moversYour Austin movers are here to help!

On the day of your move your Austin movers from Elephant Moving crew expects to disassemble larger furniture and disconnect washers/dryers. When we move your furniture, everything will be wrapped in heavy duty moving blankets secured with tape. Televisions, stereo components, VCRs, DVD players, printers and other electronics that have not already been packed by you can go into large bins padded with heavy duty moving blankets at no extra charge.

Pictures, paintings, mirrors and glass table tops, shelves and doors will also be placed into bins and padded. Lamps and potted plants are dealt with in a similar fashion.

If you have rented wardrobe boxes, your movers will place hanging clothes into the boxes at your origin and hang them in closets at your destination. Everything will be unwrapped, reassembled and reconnected at your destination.

Furniture and boxes will be placed wherever you direct your crew to place them. If it’s not in the right spot, tell your crew! Your Austin movers will shift anything around according to your instructions. After all, you are paying for our services. Why should you need to move everything around once your movers have gone?

Leave the heavy lifting to us.

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