How We Protect Your Furniture While Moving

protect your furnitureWe Protect Your Furniture Better Than The Others

We do everything we can to protect your furniture when you move. When your Austin movers arrive to load up your furniture the first thing they will do is disassemble anything that needs it and then wrap all pieces of furniture in heavy duty quilted moving blankets.

Customized Methods

Every item requires a unique method of wrapping. The blankets are always secured with tape, never just draped over the furniture. Large, bulky pieces, such as couches, armoires, china cabinets, etc, are wrapped in 2 or more pads to ensure the entire surface is covered. Anything with glass doors will also be crated with thick cardboard to add another layer of protection. Everything is wrapped before it is taken out of your home to ensure it is not damaged when going through hallways, doorways, up and down stairs, and of course while it is in the moving truck. Each mover on your crew is specially trained to wrap and protect every piece of furniture. The time it takes to care for your furniture in this special way is already included in your estimate!