Packing and Loading

packing and loadingUseful Tips For Packing and Loading

Depending upon your agreement with your Austin mover, you may be doing some of the preparation for the move. Either way, we are here to offer some help when it comes to packing and loading.

If you are doing your own packing, be careful about overloading your moving boxes. Be sure to use appropriate boxes so your goods will arrive safely. Box tops should be flat and taped securely for easy handling and safe stacking in the truck.

Never pack liquids with other items – be sure to label the boxes as liquids to ensure proper handling. To avoid damage, do not pack fragile items and heavy items in the same carton. Clearly mark fragile cartons. DO NOT pack valuables (such as jewelry, money, etc.), medication, or important papers to be taken on the moving truck. The mover is not responsible for these items.

Don’t Forget…

Remember, it’s first in, last out when loading any truck. Keep items such as toiletries, medicines, and other necessities with you. Be sure to check out our other helpful hints and tips to help you with your move.

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