A Note About Scheduling & Start Times

moving schedule Understand Your Moving Schedule

If you booked a move with Elephant Moving Austin you should receive a confirmation email from our office. This email is important because it is proof of your reservation with us and also provides you with some very important information regarding your moving schedule and Elephant Moving’s policies. Please read all information carefully and contact our office if you have any questions.

What does your move start time mean?

If you have scheduled a morning appointment for 8am or 9am then your moving crew should arrive at the scheduled time (sometimes they are a few minutes early or late depending on weather or traffic).

If your move is scheduled for a late morning or an afternoon time slot then we have provided you with an estimated 1-2 hour window for your start time. However, due to the fact that the crew will be coming directly from another move this estimated time is subject to change.

Once the crew finishes their first job(s) the office will call to let you know their estimated arrival time. We do not expect you to sit around waiting for your movers for hours, but we do ask that you please remain flexible on your move day. If it becomes evident that your crew is running late for the day Elephant Moving will call to let you know.

Reasons for delays

The most common reason for a delay is incorrect or incomplete information provided by a customer. This is why your confirmation email asks that you double check your inventory list and let us know if there are any changes by the day before your move. We also need to know if any item(s) require significant disassembly or if you have more than 8 items that will require disassembly or disconnection.

If the movers show up to a move and find that they are now being asked to move 4 extra pieces of furniture and 15 additional boxes then they will finish their move later than anticipated. If a wall unit has dozens of pieces of hardware and requires 40 minutes of disassembly then the movers will be behind schedule. Every extra item or service takes time, and while we are happy to assist you with whatever you need we do ask that you provide us with that information beforehand to avoid inconveniencing other customers. If our crew shows up to a move to find a big difference between their list and what is in front of them there may be additional per item charges or the office may require that another man be sent to get the move done in a timely and efficient manner.

Please keep this in mind on the day of your move and try to give us the best information possible. If your crew is running late it is usually because another customer has not given us good information. We will do our best to get you moved at the scheduled time, but unless your move is the first of the day for your crew Elephant Moving cannot guarantee start times.

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