Moving Tip #9

moving tip #9Use your luggage

Helpful moving tip # 9 – Fill luggage and duffel bags with clothing, sheets, towels, and paper goods.

Even for local Austin moves you will be able to quickly spot your green suitcase holding your favorite sweaters, whereas “Box #97” might remain elusive for days. Avoid packing books or heavy items in large suitcases, as these can be extremely difficult to move and may damage the luggage.

Also avoid packing dishes or fragile items in suitcases or duffel bags, as luggage generally does not offer the same protection as boxes specifically designed for china and other delicate items. Be sure your Austin moving company knows that your inventory list will include suitcases and/or duffel bags.

For local moves this may add to the time your move takes, and for interstate moves it will increase the weight or volume of your shipment. Either way, you want to be sure your estimate is as accurate as possible by providing your mover with the best information prior to your move.

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