Moving Tip #10

moving tip #10Safeguard valued items

Our helpful moving tip # 10 is simple, but important. It is a good idea to keep valuable possessions, such as jewelry, silverware, collections, or antiques, with you. If you have a long move and no room in your car, bury the items in a box titled “Misc kitchen pantry”.

Either way, check your homeowner’s insurance to see how you are covered during the move and if you need additional insurance from your Austin moving company.

Be Prepared

Find out what paperwork (receipts, appraisals, and photos) you might need to file a claim in case of loss. If you purchase additional insurance for your move, be sure to read your moving insurance policy carefully so you are aware of all conditions and exclusions of the policy.

Some items will require additional packaging (for an additional cost) in order to be fully covered. Certain valuable items, such as jewelry, watches, gem stones, cash/currency/bank notes, deeds, travelers cheques, coin/stamp collections, sports memorabilia, alcoholic beverages, furs, plasma televisions, and firearms/ammunition, are not covered by any mover or third party insurer regardless of the policy or coverage purchased, so make sure your homeowner’s policy does cover these items if you plan to ship them with the moving company.

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