Moving Tip #11

moving tip #11Moving Tip #11: Keep important papers with you!

Your list of “important” papers might include:

  • birth certificates
  • school records
  • moving estimates
  • new job contacts
  • utility company numbers
  • recent bank records
  • current bills
  • phone lists
  • closing papers
  • realtor info
  • maps
  • and more.

Don’t leave these with your Austin moving company. Keep them with you! This way, you will have immediate access to them without having to dig through a dozen boxes or hunt all over your new house for the box you need.

You may think you labeled your box of important papers well enough, but quite often it can be difficult to locate one particular box when you have your entire house packed into 100+ boxes spread all around. Keep in mind that although it is rare, occasionally boxes or small items are misplaced during a move.

Your Austin mover will make every effort to get your mis-delivered item back to you as quickly as possible, but in the interim it could be frustrating to be without some of those essential documents. Better safe than sorry!

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