Preparing for Your Office Move

office moveCommercial Office Move – How To Get Ready

When preparing for your Austin office move you should be sure to pack and label everything carefully to ensure all items and boxes end up in the right places (and in one piece!) on move day.


  • Packing is one of the most important steps of your move, so follow this list to ensure that your belongings are secure, safe, and ready to be transported to the new office space by moving day
  • Be sure boxes are packed carefully. Do not fill large boxes with files or books – use smaller boxes for these heavy items. Make sure boxes are filled to avoid the top collapsing when they are stacked – fill empty space with packing paper if necessary.


  • Shut down
  • Remove cables and plugs (coiling neatly together) and place keyboard, mouse, speakers and other peripherals together (your friendly Austin movers can provide ziplock computer bags or boxes for these items).
  • Label your hard drive, printer, monitor, computer bag, and any other computer-related items with moving labels denoting where they are to end up


  • Empty all drawers and cabinets, as they may be up-ended for transport – take all valuables with you
  • Clearly label the destination of each desk (and its parts) for easy moving

Filing/Storage Cabinets:

  • Cabinets must be empty and box all files and clearly label which file cabinet and drawer they came from to avoid confusion

Floor Plan:

  • Draw out office plan, and label each office/zone with an easy code (example A, B, C, D or 1,2,3,4 etc.); color code different floors/zones.
  • Use this floor plan to clearly label each item to be moved, the clearer your moving labels are, the less work you will have to do relocating things that have been misplaced.


  • The moving labels determine where an item is to be placed, so make sure everyone is clear on the codes/colors for their spaces
  • Remember, if an item is disassembled, each part must be labeled
  • Do not forget to label the mundane items like waste-paper baskets, chairs, and carpet protectors

Elephant Moving offers a dedicated commercial move consultant on every job to assist with these steps and ensure that your office relocation goes smoothly. Your move consultant will help you customize a system of labeling, color coding and floor planning that is tailored to your needs so that every item in your office gets placed precisely where it needs to be.

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