Commercial Moving

commercial movingSimplify Commercial Moving and Get Back To Work Fast

Moving your office can be stressful. So many things to do before the big day! And so many things that can go wrong! Let Elephant Moving help ease you through your office transition with our tips and tricks for a smooth commercial move.

Now that the actual move date is getting closer, you should shift your focus toward physical preparation for the move. This includes:

  • finalizing a design scheme for a new office
  • assigning quarters in new office
  • getting rid of your accumulated junk
  • sending change of address forms to vendors and suppliers
  • updating your website to reflect address change
  • insuring and equipping your new office space
  • arranging Internet and telecommunications service for your new space
  • updating financial records
  • ordering new checks
  • ordering new business cards

1 week prior to move:

If you have followed your checklist, you should have little more to do besides pack. All the same, because you will be tearing up your space, make sure not to schedule any important meetings or hirings during this period.

Remembering to take care of these important tasks prior to your Austin commercial move will help ensure that business is back to normal as quickly as possible after move day.