Some Helpful Moving Box Hints

moving box hintsThe best way to pack a moving box

Packing a moving box can be a daunting task. There are so many sizes and types of packing materials to choose from. Where do you start?! Here are a few helpful tips about boxes and packing to keep your move going smoothly!

Small boxes are also called book boxes, for good reason. They are well suited to holding books! Filling boxes larger than the small/book box size with books is a recipe for disaster! They are difficult to lift, hard to stack in the truck, unwieldy to maneuver up and down stairs, and most importantly, very difficult for you, the customer, to move should you need to do so before or after your Austin moving company relocates you.

Use book boxes for books, CDs, DVDs, files, office supplies and anything else that will fit in the box! If there is space left over at the top fill it with some crushed packing paper so the top does not cave in when it is stacked in the truck. Your Austin movers do their best to put heavy boxes on the bottom and lighter boxes on top. Always label fragile items so that they are stacked on top and treated with extra care.

Medium boxes are good for clothing, small pillows and bedding, shoes, non-fragile kitchen items, small appliances, bathroom items (always be sure that fragile or liquid items are separated from everything else!), toys, games, oversized books that do not fit in the smaller box (but try not to fill the whole box with those unabridged dictionaries!), garage items and anything else that is not extremely heavy. Once again, fill unused space with crushed packing paper and label any fragile items to help your Austin movers keep your things in tip top shape!

Large boxes can be filled with linens, towels, pillows, clothing, shoes, plastic kitchen items, small appliances, board games, toys and other lightweight items. As always, fill any unused space with crushed packing paper so that your Austin movers can stack the truck most efficiently and be sure to label fragile items so they do not get crushed or broken.

If you have any questions or concerns about packing feel free to call the friendly office staff at Elephant Moving Company in Austin. Stay tuned for additional tips on dish packs and wardrobe boxes!

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