More Moving Box Tips

moving box tipsBoxes, Boxes, Boxes…

Finally, we’ve got more moving box tips! Double walled dish packs or china boxes are great for anything fragile. Use layers of crushed packing paper to cushion your china, dishes, glasses, mugs, small framed pictures, breakable knick knacks, delicate lamps/lampshades and other fragile items. Be sure to wrap everything in 2-3 pieces of paper before placing items on the crushed paper cushioning. Fill the box this way, laying down a layer of crushed paper between layers of your breakables, and fill up unused space with more crushed packing paper.

Never lay pictures or plates flat in the box, always be sure they are standing on their edge to avoid breakage! If you are unsure how to pack fragile items don’t hesitate to ask your friendly Austin movers!

Wardrobe boxes are very tall boxes with a metal bar for hanging clothes. About 2 feet of hanging clothes will fit into a wardrobe box. If space allows, the bottom of the box is good for cushions, pillows, a few pairs of shoes, comforters, and anything else lightweight or fluffy.

The following items should never be packed in wardrobe boxes: books, bowling balls, weights, bricks, power tools or large amounts of canned goods!

If you are renting wardrobe boxes for the day, your Austin movers will place your hanging clothes in the boxes the day of your move – no need for you to touch a single hanger!

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