Moving Tips #4

moving tip #4Moving Tips #4 Strategize Wardrobe Box Use

Your friends at Elephant Moving Company will be happy to deliver moving boxes and packing supplies ahead of your moving day. If you are packing yourself, get things organized as early as possible with the help of our moving tips #4.

A few days before your move, fill some sturdy handled shopping bags with bulky closet items such as shoes, sweaters, belts, and jeans. On moving day, fill the bottom of the tall wardrobe boxes with some of the shopping bags then add your hanging clothing. Pack hanging items tightly so things won’t move around and fall off of hangers. Cover the shoulders of your clothes (a dry cleaning bag works well), then add a few purses or sweaters on top.

You will have fewer boxes, and your closet items will remain together for easy unpacking and organizing. The shopping bags are not necessary, but they will make it easier to retrieve your belongings from the bottoms of a tall wardrobe box.

If your move is a local Austin move, we also offer wardrobe box rental for the day. Your movers will bring the boxes with them on move day, and will place your hanging clothes in the boxes. You can even leave some cushions, bedding, shoes or bags unpacked for them to use as filler for the bottom of the wardrobes. When the movers arrive at your new place the wardrobe boxes will be emptied and carted off without you ever lifting a finger!

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