Be Sure What To Tell Your Movers About

tell your moversLearn What To Tell Your Movers…

When you call to get an Austin moving estimate, you should tell your movers as much information as possible to ensure there are no surprises the day of your move.

Pertinent information includes:

  • What floor are you on? Is there an elevator or stairs?
  • How many flights of stairs? Do the stairs curve or turn sharply?
  • Can the moving truck park near your door or stairway?
  • Or will there be a long walk for the movers?
  •  Does your driveway slant at a 40-degree angle?
  • Do you have a storage unit or garage that is also full of furniture and/or boxes?
  • How many items will require disassembly?
  • How many glass/marble/granite table tops, glass shelves, glass cabinet doors and/or framed pictures will require wrapping the day of your move?
  • How large are they? This is especially important information – your Austin movers need to be sure they bring large enough crates or bins to accommodate the biggest fragile piece you have.
  • Do you have any items that require special tools or techniques to disassemble (i.e. pool table, game table, hot tub)?
  • Do you have any odd shaped bulky or loose items such as potted trees/plants, birdbaths, lawn fountains or sculptures?
  • Is there something that caused problems the last time you moved (i.e. those doors that had to be removed for that extra large overstuffed sleeper sofa)?

Providing your Austin movers with this information ensures that your estimate will be as accurate as possible. It will also ensure that your moving crew brings all of the tools and materials necessary to keep your move going smoothly.