It hardly seems that long, but sure enough, this July marked 10 years in business for Austin-based Elephant Moving & Storage – our favorite Texas moving and storage company. Happy Birthday to us!

Wow. From just an idea we had to start a small business in Austin, to a moving company that now operates throughout Texas and even beyond, in only 10 years. In case you missed it, here are some highlights from our first decade in business:

  • Launched the business in July 2006, handling both local residential and commercial moves;
  • Expanded to include moves between the Houston and Austin areas, between San Antonio and Austin, then all of Texas;
  • Expanded again to provide interstate moves;
  • Added warehouse storage as one of our services, and now manage a facility encompassing 25,000 sq.

congested roads austin

As anyone who’s driven through Austin can attest, the stretch of I-35 that bisects central Austin is a driver’s nightmare. It’s so bad, the state built a super-fast tollway east of I-35 to lure through-traffic away from the interstate. Now a national study confirms it: the situation is as bad as we thought.

The latest analysis by the American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI), the research arm of the American trucking industry, shows that the stretch of I-35 that bisects central Austin ranks as the 10th worst traffic intersection (out of 100 ranked) in the nation.

Why the researchers included that dreaded stretch of highway with 99 other intersections isn’t clear, but we get the point.…

hand held electronic device rulesHeads up to all the wireless device junkies out there: Austin’s new rules  became effective Jan. 1, 2015, which means using a hand-held electronic device while driving or cycling could cost you a hefty fine of up to $500. In short, hands-free is OK, hand-held is NOT.

Most drivers seem to understand that using hand-held electronic devices while driving is just asking for trouble, and also – with today’s technology – completely unnecessary. The new city ordinance drives home that point.

At Austin-based Elephant Moving and Storage we applaud and fully support the new ordinance. We’ve had these rules as company policy for a long time.…

New Storage Facility Our bigger, better new storage facility

We have upgraded to a larger new storage facility in order to accommodate the growing demand from our customers! If your things were already in storage with us then they have been seamlessly relocated to our new location a couple of miles from our old location. If you need to access your storage items or visit our office to make a payment or purchase packing supplies please come to

Elephant Moving & Storage
440 E. Saint Elmo Rd. Building B
Austin, TX 78745

Questions? Give us a call – our telephone number has not changed: 512.442.6622

And you can always visit us on the web at

packing cratesGet Packing Crates!

We are very happy to announce that our packing crate rental program has reached 10,000 rentals of our earth-friendly packing crates!

10,000 packing crates are equal to almost 20,000 standard moving industry book boxes that would have been thrown into the garbage upon completion of moves.

20,000 cardboard boxes equal nearly 36,000 pounds of waste – that’s 36,000 pounds less waste that went to Austin area landfills last year thanks to all of our customers who chose the reusable packing crates to pack and move their homes.

Easiest Way To Pack Your Home

Our super durable packing crates are the easiest way to pack your home – no need to spend time building boxes and getting tangled in tape!…

feed those in needHelp Us Help feed Austin families in need!

We are very excited to announce a new partnership with Move for Hunger. Our moving crews will be able to pack up any non-perishable food items that customers don’t want to bother with moving, and donations will be delivered to the Capital Area Food Bank. We are proud to help feed Austin families in need.

Don’t waste anything when you move.

Nearly everyone who moves takes the opportunity to purge their unwanted items of every kind. Customers are always telling us not to count pantry items in our estimates because they plan to eat or toss much of the contents.…

moving compliance inspectionTop Ratings!

Elephant Moving and Storage has just finished a USDOT random moving compliance inspection and has received a rating of ‘satisfactory’.

The US Department of Transportation is the agency that is in charge of regulating the household goods movers that engage in interstate operations. Elephant Moving was picked randomly for inspection by the main office in Washington DC along with another 50 household goods movers in TX.

The inspection covers every aspect of a moving company’s operations. Household goods movers must comply with paperwork regulations: moving contracts, moving estimates, moving tariff, claims files and more.

The inspection covers safety regulations for drivers: alcohol and drugs programs, hours of service driving rules, accident reports and more.…

Austin Zero WasteHelp Us Help The World!

The city of Austin has approved a “zero waste plan” (Read the approved Zero Waste Plan); the goal is to reduce the amount of waste Austinites send to landfills by 90% by the year 2040.

In order to reach this goal Austin needs everyone to pitch in and help us become a zero waste community.

Elephant Moving and Storage is the first Austin moving company to offer our customers a “plastic moving crate rental” program to encourage our friends and customers in Austin to reduce their waste. These plastic moving crates are an earth friendly alternative to the traditional method of packing in cardboard boxes.…

Check it out: We are a favorite place on Google! Between July 1 and September 30 Google users found our Elephant Moving and Storage business listing 42,917 times and requested information about the business 2,964 times! Thanks to all of our wonderful customers for showing Google how popular we are!