Try Our Plastic Moving Crates to Simplify Your Move

plastic moving cratesOur Plastic Moving Crates Do More Than Just Make Moving Easier

Are you moving locally in the Austin area? Elephant Moving & Storage is pleased to announce our new plastic moving crates program. It’s a cheaper and more environmentally friendly approach to packing than the traditional cardboard box route!

Save Money With Plastic Moving Crates

Our plastic crates allow you to pack up your whole house without spending a fortune on cardboard boxes or wasting tons of time scrounging for free used boxes around town. The plastic crates can be rented in groups of 25 for a flat price that includes 2 full weeks (14 days) – this price includes delivery and pickup.

Unexpected Moving Delay? Don’t Worry!

You can add an extra week for cheap! There is a small additional charge if we have to carry the crates upstairs, enter an elevator or load them into your place, not just the garage.

Add some packing paper or bubble wrap for your fragile items and/or wardrobe box rentals for your hanging clothes and you are ready to pack up your place.

The best part…

you won’t be drowning in a sea of cardboard once you unpack! Clean, efficient and environmentally responsible – what could be better?!

Depending on the size of your move there may even be a free or discount crate offer that applies to your move!

Call us today for more information and stay tuned for additions to our website for ordering crates and learning more about this convenient and earth-friendly program.