…but if it’s hourly why do you need my item list for moving?

item list for movingThis is a question the sales staff at Elephant Moving hears frequently. Many customers want to know why we need an accurate item list for moving from them if we are charging by the hour.


The most important reason is to make sure that we are sending the right size crew of movers to each and every move. We want to make sure that your moving experience is a positive one! Elephant Moving strives to maintain a consistent level of quality and service. If the crew is too small for the job the move will not go well. The crew will become fatigued and that leads to damages! A larger crew on a larger job will not only help prevent damages, but it will also save you money! We structure our rates so that the larger crews cost less per man than a 2 man crew, which means in the end our customers save money.

For example, if a 2 man crew would need over 7 hours to complete a particular job the cost would be $90/hr x 7 hrs = $630. This same job would take a 4 man crew 3.5 hours to complete at a rate of $150 per hour = $525. Who doesn’t like saving money?!

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