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Thank you so much!!! Jose, Kevin and Dominique did an excellent job of protecting all my furniture and their service on short notice was a back saver. I am a believer in letting the pros do the moving from now on. Before I always did it myself. From now on I’ll call Elephant Moving! Good people and excellent service! Thanks again.  -Becky


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hand held electronic device rulesHeads up to all the wireless device junkies out there: Austin’s new rules  became effective Jan. 1, 2015, which means using a hand-held electronic device while driving or cycling could cost you a hefty fine of up to $500. In short, hands-free is OK, hand-held is NOT.

Most drivers seem to understand that using hand-held electronic devices while driving is just asking for trouble, and also – with today’s technology – completely unnecessary. The new city ordinance drives home that point.

At Austin-based Elephant Moving and Storage we applaud and fully support the new ordinance. We’ve had these rules as company policy for a long time. Doing otherwise isn’t worth the risk. Our Austin movers strive to be the safest on the road.

An Oct. 24, 2014 press release from the Austin Police Department sums up the ordinance:

“August 28, 2014 the Austin City Council passed an ordinance that prohibits the use of portable electronic devices while operating a motor vehicle or bicycle (Ordinance No. 20140828-041). The new ordinance will go into effect Jan. 1, 2015.

“Unless using a hands-free system such as Bluetooth or headphones, or an affixed GPS system, use of portable devices while moving in a car or on a bike will be a citable offense.

“Portable electronic device means a hand-held, mobile telephone, personal digital assistant, MP3 or other hand-held music player, electronic reading device, laptop computer, pager, broadband personal communication device, GPS or navigation system, electronic gaming device or portable computing device.

“Hand held cell phone use is permitted in the event of an emergency such as calling 9-1-1 or 3-1-1 to report a crime or an accident. Even in an emergency situation, it is best to pull over and come to a complete stop before using or operating any mobile or hand held device.

“Violation of this ordinance will be a Class C Misdemeanor, punishable by a fine of up to $500, beginning in January 2015.”

So, Happy New Year! And welcome to the new rules of the road in Austin.

Summer is without a doubt the busiest time of year for the moving industry. But why is this?

Summer MovingThe number one reason summer moving is so common is the weather! Everything is harder in winter. The cold makes moving extra challenging, with icy roads and sidewalks, snow banks hindering parking, and frozen hands and feet. Moving when the weather is warm has none of these drawbacks.

Yes, it can be hot, sweaty work, especially here in the Austin area where the temperatures soar into the triple digits for weeks at a time, but trust us, summer moving goes so much better in so many ways than winter moving. Winter weather can often cause delays for people who are moving, but even when it’s blistering hot there are rarely weather delays on summer moves.

Summer is also the busy season for real estate. People like to move when the kids are out of school, and that means they wait until summer to sell the house and make that trek across town or move across the country. Moving in the middle of the school year can be stressful for all involved, so waiting until the end of the school year gives everyone time to adjust and get settled before the new school year starts up in the fall. Older kids also move out of their parents’ homes to head for college in the summer, and college students typically finish their studies in the summer and then relocate for employment  (or move back home with mom and dad!).

Don’t forget that summer is wedding season. Weather and the school year may have something to do with why people choose to get married in the summer months. And what do people do once they are married? That’s right, they move into a new home together after the wedding!

Whatever your reason for moving during the summer, remember that since it is peak season movers and trucks will be in high demand. Be sure to leave yourself plenty of time to find an available mover for the date you desire. If you have any flexibility with your move date, try to avoid moving on the weekends or during the peak end-of-the-month time period. These times are the busiest for movers, and even if you do schedule well in advance there are sometimes unavoidable delays due to the full schedule.

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storage with elephant moving

Did you know storage with Elephant Moving offers long term and short term solutions for residential and commercial customers?

We have secure warehouse facilities that are either climate controlled or regular ventilated storage.

Our warehouses are monitored 24 hours a day. Items we store remain wrapped in our quilted moving blankets to prevent damage. Shipments are packaged individually on pallets and shrinkwrapped. Whether you need to store a little or a lot Elephant Moving can help you with all your storage needs.

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perfect movingThank you Whitney for describing us as the perfect moving company

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Hi Johanna,
     I just wanted to compliment y’all on a job very well done! Despite the less-than-ideal weather conditions, everything went perfectly, and our furniture and belongings were delivered in flawless shape!! Thanks again!!

winter movingWinter is a great time to move!

The rates for winter moving are often cheaper and you will find that you have an easier time renting a moving truck or hiring movers – but you should be aware of potential moving issues so that you can avoid them before they occur. Although the weather in the Austin and Central Texas is typically mild, the occasional winter storm does blow through and can cause delays if you are moving on one of these rare days. If you are moving from Austin or Central TX to another state that generally experiences colder, more severe winter weather you should plan ahead to ensure your journey is a smooth one. Here are some suggestions for moving during the winter.

Get Your New Home Ready for Winter Moving

Before moving day check with your real estate agent or rental property manager to make sure the new place is ready for you on moving day.

  • Make sure you have heat and lights. Don’t forget this one! You need to be sure that your utilities are functional. If possible have the heat, water and electric turned on a couple of days prior to your arrival so that you can make sure everything is functioning and the house is warm when you arrive. While this is a good idea no matter when you move, in the winter it is even more important since the days are much colder and the sun sets earlier. Movers can work when it’s hot or cold, but without lights they won’t be able to get much done.
  • Clear ice/snow from walkways. Make sure your driveway and walkways are clear. If you move locally try to stop by your new home the day before your move so you can check that everything is clear and free of ice. If needed, salt or sand the area. If you are moving out of town and can’t visit your new home prior to the move-in date, have your agent or property manager check the area for you.
  • Check that parking area is clear. Regardless of what season you move you should always make sure there is parking available for your moving truck. This may mean negotiating with your new neighbors, or hiring someone (or doing it yourself) to clear the driveway  or alley of snow.

Moving in winterPrepare Your Old Home

  • Clear snow. Use salt or sand to ensure sidewalks, walkways and driveways are free of ice and snow. Parking area should also be cleared with ample room for movers to maneuver. Check the area on moving day in case it snowed or iced overnight.
  • Protect inside spaces. Use cardboard or plastic sheeting to protect high traffic areas from snow, dirt and water. Tape plastic sheets to the floor or use cardboard for carpeted areas. Experiment first before the movers arrive so that you are sure the coverings are secure and will not come loose and trip up the movers.
  • Keep sand or salt and shovels on hand. Stock up on winter supplies in case your vehicle or the moving truck becomes stuck or it starts to snow. Monitor conditions throughout the day so you can act on any changes as needed.
  • Have hot drinks on hand. Whether you’re moving yourself or hiring movers, make sure you have hot liquids available. Hot chocolate, tea and coffee will be most welcomed by everyone who’s helping with your move. Extra mittens and hats are a good idea, too.
  • Keep an eye on the weather. While this seems like common sense, on moving day you’ll be so wrapped up in the move that you may forget that conditions might change. Check the weather well in advance of moving day, then follow it closely right up until the movers arrive. If there’s a possibility of inclement weather, keep the radio on during the move to ensure you’re receiving the latest updates.

What If a Storm Blows In?

  • Have a back-up plan.If a winter storm is expected on your move date make sure you have a back-up plan in case you need to reschedule your move. If you’ve hired movers check with them to see what their policy is for inclement weather. Some movers are used to winter weather and may not be willing to postpone the move. If the movers do want to postpone, make sure you speak to your real estate agent or landlord to see if you can stay a few extra days. Typically, if you’re not able to move out, no one is able to move in, either. But arrange this ahead of time. If you can’t negotiate extra days, speak to the movers about your options. They may be able to still pick up your things, but not deliver them to your new home. If this is the case you will need short-term storage.
  • Plan your travel route carefully. Know your travel route and make sure you contact the local authorities to determine if highways are open and safe to travel on. Each state or province has a phone number and website to check with regular updates provided. You should also know the location of overnight accommodation in case you need to stop.
  • Get you car serviced and have all the necessary equipment with you. Make sure you have your car winterized, including all fluids topped up, and tires and brakes checked. It’s a good idea to carry chains (if allowed) and know how to put them on quickly. Practice in your garage before you leave. You should also carry a gas can, extra windshield fluid, and salt or kitty litter (works great if you get stuck). Have a good snow shovel, emergency blanket and membership to a roadside assistance service, too.
  • Have an emergency contact list with you. Make sure you have all the necessary phone numbers with you, including roadside assistance, highway patrol and a number for reports on highway conditions. You should also ensure that someone who isn’t moving with you has a copy of your travel plans. Make a call-in schedule with that person so they’ll know where you are and when you should be arriving.

smoothest movesThanks for commenting on the smoothest moves!

I wanted to take a moment and say what a great job the movers did for me on Saturday.  I can honestly say this was one of the smoothest moves I have experienced (and I have moved a lot).
I would highly recommend your company to any of my friends and family.

Licensed MoversST. PETERSBURG, Florida – Following a 10 News Investigators report into its affiliate website,, U-Haul was cited by the State of Florida for breaking laws regarding household movers. The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (DOACS), which regulates in-state and household movers to give consumer valuable protections, released its investigation two months after the first story aired on 10 News.

The 10 News Investigators exposed how was pushing unlicensed movers on customers, putting consumers at risk. The day labor is available to help load, unload, or drive rental trucks. But with no licenses, there was no oversight of their activity, no background checks, and no property insurance in case items get broken or go missing.

“There was a registration violation,” said Commissioner of Agriculture Adam Putnam. “(U-Haul) has been issued an administrative letter and they…can either request a hearing or pay the fine.” U-Haul was fined just $1,000 for failing to comply with Florida laws, but the fine will start to grow if they continue to resist the regulation from DOACS. State law allows a maximum fine of $5,000 for unlicensed moving activity, but it is not clear if other legal options would be on the table for the state.

10 News spoke to representatives from U-Haul on Wednesday, but they did not provide comment for the story.


* this story originally appeared on Tampa Bay Channel 10 and can be found at

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